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Under the new ordinance, free-range chickens and roosters are prohibited, as is the outdoor slaughtering of hens. The pen housing the chickens must be fully enclosed and shall not exceed 96 square feet. The enclosed structure as well as the outdoor enclosure must be kept in sanitary condition and free from offensive odors Coop Restrictions - Coop and run must have a total of 10 sq. feet per chicken, must be 25 feet away from neighboring dwelling, and 10 feet from the property line (unless abuting and alley) City/Organization Contact name - City of Ellensburg (509) 962-7241 Additional Information 5.30.010 - Keeping of chickens Keeping Chickens in Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington Local laws relating to coop/pen size, proximity to residences and roads, noise, sanitation, and zoning restrictions apply in all cities and counties. You'll also need to check with the local home owner's association, if one exists in the area you're living in

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Read the Law: Md. Code Ann., Agriculture, § 3-804. Counties and cities regulate the number of chickens that a person can raise on a specific piece of property. They may also regulate the size of the lot, the distance of the hen house or coop from neighbors and other conditions County Chicken Laws. On the county level, the most important laws regarding keeping livestock, and chickens in particular, tend to be the county zoning laws. In many states, county zoning laws apply to you even if you live in a city. If you live in the country, then county zoning laws may be the only chicken related regulations that you need to. We do not regulate roosters or male peacocks within the urban unincorporated area or rural area. Structures that house poultry or livestock should be located in a side/rear yard. Additionally structures over 51 square feet in size need to be at least 30 feet from any property line and at least 100 feet from any neighboring home

An Ordinance is a governmental authority law enacted or amended after adoption at a required Public Hearing presided over by the County Board. Notice of the Public Hearing is published in the official county newspaper at least ten (10) days before the Public Hearing. An ordinance is the most binding and permanent act of the Board and may be. Battle Ground, WA - No restrictions on poultry or game birds, and roosters are allowed. Bellevue - No information yet - please let us know if you know what the rules are! Bellingham - From our reader Kaisha on 6/07/2013: Hens and roosters allowed The lecture, The Basics of Raising Backyard Hens in the Suburbs, was hosted by the advocacy group Camden County Chickens and covered everything from shelter to zoning laws

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  1. g. Laws & Rules Member Information / Rosters Video & Audio on TVW About the Legislature.
  2. legally allowed under Washington County Code. Normal household pets are allowed outright. The property owner must 1) fill out the livestock section of the annexation application indicating the numbers and types of livestock currently on the property tobe annexed and 2) apply for a City Animal Permit. Title: Brochur
  3. Natural Resources Building P.O. Box 42560 1111 Washington ST SE Olympia, WA 98504-256
  4. Combined Codes & Ordinances Share | Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on linkedin Permitting Menu Docs/Forms/Brochures Online Permitting Boards Zoning Map Fee Schedule Codes & Ordinances Staff Combined Codes & Ordinances Notice: On December 3, 2019, The Washington County Board of County Commissioners voted to adopt the 2018 Building Code for Washington County,..
  5. Lacey Municipal Code Sec. 16.21.014 — Defines a range of activities as Urban Agriculture, including the keeping of livestock, although large livestock is only allowed in lots over 1 acre in size. Prohibits roosters, geese, turkeys, and peacocks. Seattle Municipal Code Sec. 23.42.052 — Covers the keeping of small animals, domestic fowl, and.
  6. The law is 1 chicken with a 20 feet setback restriction. Twenty chickens are allowed with a 50 feet setback restriction from single and two-family dwellings, and a 100 feet setback restriction from hotels or multiple (3+) family dwellings. This is virtually impossible in a city like Long Beach
  7. Washington State Statutes. Title 16 RCW - Covers regulations related to animals and livestock, including county dog licensing and dog control zones, stock-restricted areas, and dangerous wild animals. Ch.16.52 RCW - Addresses prevention of cruelty to animals; WAC 246-100-197 - Addresses rabies and measures to prevent human diseas

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  1. Welcome to Washington County, MD! Washington County is the perfect blend of city and country life. Residents enjoy an excellent quality of life - filled with recreational and cultural opportunities, affordable housing, and a world-class educational system. All located in close proximity to Baltimore and Washington D.C
  2. In addition to the fence, all backyard chickens must be housed in a coop that is enclosed on all sides including the top, located only in the rear yard of the lot. (d) The keeping and raising of backyard chickens shall be subject to all regulations of the Henry County Health Department
  3. Farmers selling eggs (from a chicken, goose, turkey, duck, guinea, or any species of fowl) at farmers markets and through direct to retail sales (i.e. restaurants and grocery stores) must comply with the requirements of RCW 69.25 and be licensed through the Washington State Department of Revenue (WSDOR) as an Egg Handler/Dealer
  4. Jacky King feeds chickens at the Harvesting Earth Farm in Beecher, Michigan. A Cincinnati-area lawmaker has introduced legislation in Ohio that would block local government bans on raising.
  5. Check local chicken laws Every city and town in Utah has its own laws and ordinances regarding the ownership of chickens. For instance, within the limits of Salt Lake City , chickens are permitted.
  6. Washington County doesn't regulate roosters or male peacocks in the urban unincorporated area or rural area, but it does require that livestock or poultry structures larger than 51 square feet be.
  7. Pierce County Moves to Change Poultry, Livestock Laws - Bonney Lake-Sumner, WA - Reduced yard setbacks benefit owners of smaller lots; roosters, male turkeys and peacocks are banned because of noise

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  1. Keeping live poultry also has some inherent health risks. Live poultry, such as chickens, ducks, geese and turkeys, often carry harmful germs that can post a risk of illness, especially to children, from handling live poultry or anything in the area where they live and roam. Learn more about the public health risks of keeping backyard poultry
  2. Legal requirements to own chickens in Spokane and other nearby cities (they are all different), number and type of animals allowed, manure/odor control, buying chickens, social needs of chickens, basic health care, shelter and fencing, feed and water, nesting and egg collection, legally selling your eggs. Register by mail or online with PayPal
  3. Greenacres City Hall 5800 Melaleuca Lane Greenacres FL 33463 (Tel) 561.642.2006 (Fax) 561.642.2004 Hours of Operation 8:00 - 5:00 M-F
  4. Washington state Animal Cruelty Laws. Chapter 16.52 RCW. Washington state Animal and Livestock Laws. Title 16 RCW. Washington State Department of Agriculture. Animal Resources . Washington state County Codes : Benton County, Animals, Title 2. Chellan County, Animal Control, Chapter 7.40, 1.20.765. Clallam County Animals, Title 17. Clark County.
  5. Revised Code of Washington (RCW) Title 16 RCW - Animals, Estrays, Brands, and Fences. Chapter 16.57 - Identification of livestock. Chapter 16.58 - Identification of cattle through licensing of certified feed lots. Chapter 16.60 - Fences. Chapter 16.65 - Public livestock markets. Chapter 16.67 - Washington State Beef Commission

Raising chickens for eggs and meat can be meaningful, but is a lot of work. As a result, unwanted urban chickens and roosters increasingly end up in local animal shelters. Sharing or Selling Eggs and Meat. Operators of successful backyard chicken operations soon find themselves sharing eggs with family, friends and neighbors Washington County covers 556.75 square miles and is located in Southeast Iowa - the richest area of America's agricultural region. As of the 2010 census, the population was 21,704. The nine incorporated cities in the county are Ainsworth, Brighton, Coppock, Crawfordsville, Kalona, Riverside, Washington, Wellman, and West Chester Morris Law Center 5450 W Sahara Ave Ste 330 Las Vegas, NV 89146 Phone: (702) 850-7798 Fax: (702) 850-7998 team@morrislawcenter.co

Poultry Processing. Program Contact: Kendall Carman, Master Gardener/Small Farms Coordinator. (360) 427-9670 Ext. 682 • kendall.carman@wsu.edu. The information provided in this website is our interpretation of current state a county laws. If there is a conflict between what is written and what is contained in law, the applicable law prevails Dog bites — Liability. (1) The owner of any dog which shall bite any person while such person is in or on a public place or lawfully in or on a private place including the property of the owner of such dog, shall be liable for such damages as may be suffered by the person bitten, regardless of the former viciousness of such dog or the owner's. Local Laws. If your neighbor's animals are creating a problem that cannot be resolved through discussion and negotiation, you may be able to invoke a local ordinance or state law. Laws regulating pets and other animals often have the terms dogs, animal control, or animal law enforcement in the title

A Pennsylvania family isn't violating a zoning ordinance by keeping 18 pet chickens, a Commonwealth Court panel has decided. Rosemarie Stein/Staff. A Pennsylvania man doesn't have to get rid of. Commission Commends Max Whitaker on Reading Program. The Commission recognizes Max Whitaker for his enthusiasm for reading, for exhibiting leadership skills and for serving as a fine example of how to maximize efforts towards achievement of a goal by working collaboratively with others Chicken enclosures must be kept in the backyard and be located at least 10 feet from the property line and 25 feet from neighboring homes. Chickens must be provided with adequate food and water and kept in a manner to minimize noise, odor, and attraction of pests and predators. Slaughtering of chickens is not allowed Texas is an open-range state, but counties may hold elections to become closed range and require livestock to be fenced. Many Texas counties became closed range in the early 1900s. You should check with your county to see what the range law is in your area. Attorney General Opinion GA-0093 (2003) [PDF

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County Wide Planning Policies (PDF) Land Quantity Analysis Methodology (PDF) Public Participation Program Guidelines (PDF) Land Use Ordinances . Spokane County Zoning Code (PDF) Critical Areas Ordinance (PDF) Shoreline Master Program - Spokane County Code Title 4; Subdivision Ordinance - Spokane County Code Chapter 12 (PDF Home chicken farming is not a new concept in the area -- although it is catching on in popularity. While D.C., Fairfax City and Alexandria ban raising chickens, nearby Montgomery County, Prince George's County and even Fairfax County allow it, to the delight and chagrin of many of the residents feedlots and chicken houses require 600 ft, subject to a variance where a hardship exists. New residential lots must be 600 ft from protected lands. See www.kentcounty.com. Maryland County Zoning Regulations Related to Agricultur Revised Code of Washington (RCW) The Revised Code of Washington (RCW) is the compilation of all permanent laws now in force. It is a collection of Session Laws (enacted by the Legislature, and signed by the Governor, or enacted via the initiative process), arranged by topic, with amendments added and repealed laws removed

Egg Selling Laws, Licensing, and Inspection - WSDA; Backyard Eggs. Raising chickens or other poultry for their eggs can be rewarding. Raising poultry isn't just happening in rural areas. A growing number of urban areas allow backyard flocks. Check your local city or county land use laws on raising poultry Each county is only allowed to have one franchise conducting greyhound racing. AR - Trusts - Trust for care of animal. A.C.A. § 28-73-408 : This statute represents Arkansas' pet trust law. The law provides that a trust may be created to provide for the care of an animal alive during the settlor's lifetime

Allowed up to 8 chickens, as pets only, in a screened in area. NO ROOSTERS Chicken coop must be under 120sqft, otherwise a building permit is required. As an unincorporated census-designated place in St. Louis County, Affton follows the county ordinances regarding chickens Related Post: Urban Chicken Laws in Washington. This handy website has a directory organized by state that you can search for local chicken laws. Not all town listings are available, but this website is a good start to learn how feasible it is to keep chickens, and what the terms are

Livestock Import Regulations. Permits are required to import some animals to Missouri. If you have questions about the animals you are importing to Missouri, or need a permit, please call 573-751-3377. The livestock import permit office can provide specific information on all of the entry requirements for any animal species, Monday through. Retail Food Code. Washington State Retail Food Code, Chapter 246-215 WAC (PDF) - These rules provide the safety standards for food served or sold to the public in Washington State. Code Clarifications. Freezers (PDF) Hard-Crusted Breads (PDF) Time as a Control (PDF (6) The County Commissioners of Washington County may authorize the County Attorney, the State's Attorney, or another attorney to prosecute a violation of an ordinance adopted under this section. (7) If the District Court finds that a person has committed a violation of an ordinance adopted under this section, the person is liable for the costs.

BENTON COUNTY CODE This PDF version of the Benton County Code is complete and is up to date through Ordinance 574 adopted and passed December 20, 2016. The Benton County Code is provided in PDF format. Note regarding code Please be aware that while this information is made available for your. ORDINANCE NO. 2016-1069-O AN ORDINANCE AMENDING THE WASHINGTON COUNTY SUBDIVISION ORDINANCES RECITALS AND LEGISLATIVE FINDINGS WHEREAS, under Utah Code Annotated (1953, as amended) § 17-27a-503. Special Instructions: New residents are allowed 3-4 dogs, but must get to 2 dogs as the others pass away. Unsterilized Dog Price: $13.00. Sterilized Dog Price: $ 8.00. Unsterilized Cat Price: $11.00. Sterilized Cat Price: $ 6.00. Municipality: Town of Ottawa. Links: Animal at Large Ordinance

Arlington County zoning laws require chickens and their enclosed coops to be kept 100 feet away from lot lines. As a practical matter, in order to give your chickens room to graze, you could. Tigard City Hall 13125 SW Hall Blvd., Tigard, OR 97223 Map | Hours of Operation Directories Staff by First Name | Subject After-Hours Emergency Contact To report water, stormwater, sewer, street or park emergencies outside regular business hours, contact the after-hours answering service at 503-639-1554

City Pet Ordinances. Because each city in the Omaha metro has different laws governing pet ownership, we've compiled a quick reference chart for you to determine what basic rules you need to follow to be within the guidelines of the law. For a complete listing of city ordinances, contact your city offices Laws. The Idaho Humane Society's Animal Care and Control Division enforces animal-related laws in the cities of Boise, Eagle, Kuna, Meridian, and in the unincorporated parts of Ada County. Garden City has its own animal control services that is not connected with the Idaho Humane Society. Here you can find links to relevant chapters in state. Latest News. see all news. Nov 04, 2020 CARES Act Community Development Block Grant (CDBG-CV1) read more. Adams County passed resolution No. R-024-2021 establishing a county wide burn ban on all outdoor burning beginning June 1st , 2021. read more Eggs are in high demand from farms and at farmers markets. The Ohio Farmers Market coalition states that eggs are one of their most requested products at markets across Ohio. As the popularity of backyard poultry flocks continue to rise, interest is increasing to sell eggs from chickens, ducks, geese, turkey and other poultry. This fact sheet explores direct marketing of eggs, from choosing. Spokane County Animal Laws - Washington State Law, Chapter 16: Confinement: An animal may not be left or confined in a motor vehicle or other enclosed space if the animal could be harmed or killed by exposure to excessive heat or cold, lack of ventilation, or lack of necessary water. Tethering: Any dog that is restrained outside by a tether.

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County Codes. Please be aware that the on-line Thurston County Code information is not maintained by Thurston County and may not be up to date. If you have questions about the Thurston County Codes, please contact: Amy Davis at (360) 786-5440. On-Line Thurston County Codes. Compliance Details Skamania County, Washington, was the first county to draft the law in 1964 which states that any willful, wanton slaying of such creatures shall be deemed a felony. Whatcom County, Washington, also unanimously passed the law on 6/9/91 declaring the county a refuge for Sasquatch and Bigfoot

to the fullest extent permitted by law, municipal code corporation disclaims all warranties, either express or implied, statutory or otherwise, including but not limited to the implied warranties of merchantability, non-infringement of third parties' rights, and fitness for particular purpose Minnesota State Law Library G25 Minnesota Judicial Center 25 Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. St. Paul, MN 55155 Phone: 651-297-765 City code supersedes county code, so while the County of Los Angeles has restrictions based on property zoning, several cities within its boundaries have updated their municipal codes to allow backyard chickens under certain regulations. In the city of Los Angeles, chickens must be kept at least 20 feet from the owner's residence and 35 feet. Johnson County Tennessee Government. We are historic Johnson County located in northeast Tennessee. Our county seat is in Mountain City, where most of our operations and services are situated. We are a designated Three Star Community and strive for excellence in community development

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The Allegheny County Health Department posted a consumer alert at Quik-It Chicken at Valero Fueland on the North Side for roaches and other food safety.. Nassau Lawmaker's New Bike Laws Target 'Ride-Outs,' 'Chicken' - Levittown, NY - Two new laws aim to improve bike safety by targeting unsafe biking practices

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The Township of Washington, over the years, passed through a process of legislative change common to many American communities. While only a few simple laws were necessary at the time of the establishment of the Township, subsequent growth of the community, together with the complexity of modern life, has created the need for new and more. Livestock. For livestock concerns, please contact the Sheriff's Office Agriculture Unit at 727-844-7711. For information on keeping livestock such as pigs or chickens as pets, please contact Code Enforcement regarding your zoning rights. Get in contact with the County

Chickens and Code Enforcement. August 1, 2011 by SDCI Community Engagement. The Land Use Code changed last year to increase the number of chickens allowed to be kept on a residential lot from three to eight. Along with this increase in the number of birds, provisions were added prohibiting the keeping of roosters and requiring that coops be. 69.25.160. Notice of violation — May take place of prosecution. 69.25.170. Exemptions permitted by rule of director. 69.25.180. Limiting entry of eggs and egg products into official plants. 69.25.190. Embargo of eggs or egg products in violation of this chapter — Time limit — Removal of official marks. 69.25.200 Lacey Urban Growth Area - summary of ordinances for chickens, horses and miniature goats. Click on the map for the Lacey Urban Growth Area here. Chickens. From the Thurston County Code of Ordinances for the Lacey Urban Growth Area: One chicken per 1,000 square feet of lot area, up to twenty per half acre. Horses. Not allowed on lots less than.

Animal Services does not regulate livestock zoning within the cities or county. To find zoning regulations in your jurisdiction please contact one of the following departments for guidance dependent on where you reside: Washoe County Community Services Division (775) 328-6106. Washoe County Code Enforcement Email: code-enforcement@washoecounty.us 2) Either instead of or in addition to the above, you could sue your neighbor for--. a) compensation for any property damage, including clean up or re-landscaping costs, his chickens have caused you; and. b) a court order requiring him to keep them off your property. IMPORTANT NOTICE: The Answer (s) provided above are for general information only County zoning ordinances are the place to look for these rules if you live in an unincorporated part of the county. Since the early 2000's, many cities in the Metro area have incorporated and established their own policy on chickens resulting in city-to-city variances on chicken husbandry

Placing sawdust or straw on the chicken poop might solve the odor problem. And perhaps if your neighbor were aware that the city or county allowed property owners to have only a certain number of chickens, he would comply with that limitation. Mediation is another option that can be pursued before or after you file a code enforcement complaint Business licenses and regulations. Code compliance. Development permit fees. Environmental sustainability programs. Financial guarantees. Fire code. Health and sanitation. Housing and community development. Land segregation (dividing land 3. Escalate the Complaint. You need to allow for a reasonable amount of time after the first letter was received. 10-14 days is usually the recommended time period. If you're still hearing that cock-a-doodle-do after a couple of weeks, it's clear that your neighbors are not rushing to do something to stop the crowing The Skagit County Code is current through Ordinance O20210003, passed April 19, 2021, and Resolution R20150013, passed January 20, 2015. Disclaimer: The Clerk of the Board's Office has the official version of the Skagit County Code. Users should contact the Clerk of the Board's Office for ordinances passed subsequent to the ordinance cited above

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Washington County Announces the launch of a new broadband coverage mapping campaign. The WASHCoNNECT initiative is aimed at encouraging residents and businesses to complete a new broadband coverage and reliability survey. Complete Survey; Map Center. Emergency Alerts. Visiting. 511 Transit Information. Directory 4. If chickens are not allowed, empower change. If chickens are not zoned for by your local government, change is possible by amending local laws. Depending on your area, you may need to fill out various paperwork and attend a local government meeting. In this case, the best bet is to be prepared, says Ballam Chapter 15 - Egg Law Chapter 132 - Eggs. Utah Utah Code Annotated: Title 4, Chapter Grading and Inspection of Shell Eggs. Vermont Chapter 27 - Eggs Code of Vermont Rules (The Code reflects changes current through 3/9/11, Agency 20, Sub-Agency 11, Chapter 5.) Virginia Inspections Laws. Washington Egg Guidelines. West Virgini Coon Chicken Inn: North Seattle's Beacon of Bigotry by Catherine Roth. The Coon Chicken Inn was a popular roadside restaurant just beyond Seattle city limits from 1930-1949. The name and logo, which derived from racist caricatures of African Americans, was a galling reminder of segregation and discrimination for black Seattleites Franklin County was formed in 1883, and is named after Benjamin Franklin. It is located in beautiful Eastern Washington. It consists of 1,242 square miles, or 795,000 acres. In 2014, the population of Franklin County was 87,809 - a 78% increase since 2000, making us one of the fastest growing counties in the nation

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Statutes and Case Law. Boundary Fences: Revised Code of Washington Sections 16.60.020, 16.60.030, and 16.60.050. Spite Fences: Revised Code of Washington Section 7.40.030. Tree Trimming: Maier v.Giske,154 Wn. App. 6 (2010). Boundary Fence Rules. In most circumstances, a landowner who builds a boundary fence along a property line can seek reimbursement from the neighboring landowner for one. enforces the Washington Law Against Discrimination, RCW 49.60. Three local agencies enforce fair housing ordinances - King County Office of Civil Rights (OCR), Seattle Office for Civil Rights (SOCR), and the Tacoma Human Rights and Human Services Department (THR). The state and local laws are considered substantially equivalent t

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The specific County Zoning Ordinance regulations governing flood hazard areas may be found in Chapter 66 of the County of the County of Washington, Virginia (2002), Flood Hazard (FH) District Regulations. The following FEMA documents and forms provide information concerning development within designated flood hazard areas of Washington County Benton County is requesting Statements of Qualifications from professional consulting firms with expertise in site planning and design to provide a comprehensive feasibility study and master plan for the Benton County Fairgrounds in Kennewick, Washington Thanks to a 1961 law added to the city code as a publicity stunt, it is illegal to eat fried chicken in the poultry capital of the world with anything other than your fingers The Right to Farm. All states in the United States grant their farmers a legal right to farm. This right lets them farm without fear of being sued for everyday farm activities. This means that you often cannot sue a farm because it creates an unpleasant smell, or because its tractors kick up dust that blows onto your property

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Residents will be allowed to raise, harbor or keep hens on single-family dwelling properties with a valid permit for one year. The annual permit fee will be $25.00. Domestic chicken permit applications are available at the Police Department or City Hall at 515 N. Main Avenue, Huxley, Iowa The Long Struggle for Civil Rights: Black Oral Histories from King County Feb 01, 2021. Arline Yarbough. MORE» A Glimpse at Some of Washington's Earliest Women Voters Dec 15, 2020. These pages of the Second Ward, City of Tacoma Voters Register list numerous women's names alongside their male counterparts. Washington State Archives The Thurston County Historic Commission added the Lucas Harding Residence in Olympia to the Thurston County Historic Register. The home was built in 1930 by prominent local figure and former Olympia Mayor, Clarence J. Lord, and designed by Joseph Wohleb - a well-known architect in the Northwest at the time According to the court, the Bedford ordinance surpasses this test because the law protects the public from unsanitary conditions and noxious odors by prohibiting certain animals in an urban area. All is not lost for city dwellers who want farm animals, however. Recognizing the popularity of urban farms and backyard chickens, the court.

However, most chicken houses were still makeshift structures, and farmers often possessed only a basic knowledge of animal husbandry; nonetheless, producers such as Herman W. Greathouse of Washington County proved to be exceptions to this. In 1938, Greathouse owned nineteen chicken houses and shipped over 8,000 broilers per year Before adding chickens to your home, it is best to call your local planning and zoning department (Douglas County is 303-660-7460) and discuss the specifics of the request. If you are in a covenant-controlled community make sure to check with your Homeowner's Association and review your covenants. Hoofed animals include horses, cattle, mules. Kirkland, Washington 98033 425-587-3000. POLICE DEPARTMENT 11750 NE 118th Street Kirkland, Washington 98034 425-587-3400. MUNICIPAL COURT 11740 NE 118th Street Kirkland, Washington 98034 425-587-3160. TTY Relay: 711. More ways to contact us. Site questions: webmaster@kirklandwa.gov Take the survey: New website feedback for Frequently Asked Questions2 cut down and not replaced? A: Yes, the following exemptions apply to significant trees: Removal of any hazardous, dead, or diseased trees, and as necessary to remedy an immediate threat to person or property as determined by a letter from a qualified arborist; -Construction of a single-family dwelling, duplex, or accessory or nonaccessory storage structure on a Island County, a political subdivision of the State of Washington and home to 80,000 citizens, maintains a public website to deliver content and services to taxpayers and business partners The Clallam County Code page contains links to recently adopted ordinances not yet codified. Interim and emergency ordinances, temporary in nature, are listed for informational purposes. Ordinances granting franchises are not codified. Clallam County Code - The online code is now on demand and current through Ordinance 971 adopted February 23.