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According to Vastu, this is the best direction to hang pictures of your loved ones - Vastu Shastra lays down norms and proper location of every materialistic object to eradicate the negative. Vastu & Feng Shui News: Vastu Tips to Hang Pictures for Positive Effects - Vastu is a science that combines various cosmic energies from the universe and reflects them around human beings with. Vastu approved tips for hanging pictures of God. Posted on 16/09/2016 I by: AstroSaathi . Hanging pictures of God and Goddesses in right directions bring happiness and contentment into the household. It can add positivity and tranquility into your lives. Here are a few vastu approved tips for hanging pictures of god in the house

Vastu lays down norms for every nook and belongings which we have and likewise it tells us which can be the ideal position for wall paintings and family pictures. We all have habit of placing pictures of late ancestor on walls or in worship room but such things are strictly prohibited according to Vastu principles. Vastu don't allow hanging specific pictures and late ancestor's images in. A picture or a photo is not just another article of decoration, pictures and photos have a deep meaning and energy associated with them. As such, it becomes very necessary to comprehend the importance of hanging pictures, family photos in the correct direction as per Vastu Vastu tips for placement of pictures in the house: • While choosing the right picture for adorning the walls of your house, make sure you do not hang pictures depicting warfare, grief, loneliness or evil as they spread negativity within the premises. • Pictures of anger lead to disturbance among family members

You can hang pictures of your deceased relatives in the North East direction of your house --- however, make sure that there is no temple or puja room in that corner of the house. 4/16. 4 Vastu don't permit hanging particular pictures and late predecessor's pictures in any particularly worship room. Any individuals even keep the representations of their dead predecessors in the puja room. They do this to show appreciation to their older folks. Be that as it may, as indicated by Vaastu Shastra, keeping pictures of dead.

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The artwork should invoke instant vibrant but comfortable energy once you look at the picture. Pictures can be used to shift, improve, correct & balance the energy in your personal & business environment. During our Vastu consultation, we have seen many houses having paintings that do not evoke any positive feelings With Vastu, you can enhance positive energies by hanging the right type of painting or a picture placed in the right direction on the right wall. As you know, Vastu rules work as per directions. So all you need to know is the wall direction and the suitable scene and colour of the painting Ms. Suman Pandit, in her book, Vastu for Homes, at page no. 115, has written, Avoid having pictures of dead departed ancestors in the Pooja room along with pictures of deities. Shri Promod Kumar Sinha, in his book, Saral Grih Vaastu, at page no. 123, has recommended that south west is the best place for ancestors photograph

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While paintings or art can add beauty and positivity to the home entrance, you should be aware that there is an ideal Vastu direction for hanging pictures.Also, specific types of pictures or images enhance good luck when they are placed in a particular direction Posters and Paintings Vastu - Principles You Must Follow Posters and paintings plays a vital role in enhancing the beauty of any room but using them according to Vastu shall further boost the positive vibes in the house. It is a fact that every single object around, has its own energy, aura and vibes -Read Mor Vastu Tips: It's auspicious to place family photo in south-west direction at home According to Vastu, a picture of family members together in a happy posture must be hung in the house in south.

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  1. Symmetry in the photographs - Vastu tips specifically mention about there being symmetry in the hanging photographs of the family. That is, one side of the wall should not contain photos more than the remaining three sides. This means that all walls should have an equal number of pictures and there should not be any disproportion in the.
  2. Vastu Shastra points out the rules and the proper location of any material possessions entity to remove negative energy from your home. Vastu also has a perfect location for wall paintings and family portraits. Photographs are the best way to keep..
  3. In Vastu Shastra, seven horse painting aspects are crucial. These Are Subjected from the direction the door of our homes And face to the sort of various symbols and Statue Icons we place within the house. these play a Vital Role in harnessing positive energy in our lives. One crucial part of Vastu Shastra is the running horse symbol Itself
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  5. Hanging pictures and family photographs in right direction certainly help to strengthen the bonds in relationship. We have listed here some Vastu tips that will acknowledge you with right placement of pictures in right direction. Avoid hanging evil, war and death depicting images on walls, as they tend to bring negative energy in the place
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  7. Instead, one should keep a beautiful picture of mountains, motivational quotes, or a picture of any holy deity. According to Vastu Shastra, Clocks should never be kept in front of your bed position. 2. Clocks in North Direction of the House. When your clock or wall clock is placed in the North position, it is considered auspicious as the North.
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More vastu tips on makaaniq. *Hang a painting of a pair of elephants in the bedroom for strengthening relationships. *Keeping elephant paintings in the study room or office also brings good luck. *The north or the east corner of the house is ideal for placement of elephant statues and paintings Vastu Elephant Images in Textiles. You can use various textiles to add the elephant motif to your home or office décor. This can be something as simple as a pillow on a bed or a tapestry wall hanging. Wallpaper, murals, draperies, and upholstery all offer ideal Vastu elephant décor Clock/Wall Clock Vastu - How to do it. As per Vastu Shastra moving things generate energy & activate the direction in which they are placed, so we try to put them in the direction which are intrinsically beneficial for human beings.. As per Wall clock Vastu we should put them in either North (direction of Career & Wealth) or East (direction of Education & Family) Vastu Tips: Never put this picture of Lord Shiva at home, happiness and peace can get disturbed Learn from Acharya Indu Prakash in Vastu Shastra about putting Lord Shiva's picture in the house Pendulum Clock - Hanging a pendulum clock in the east direction considered very good as per Vastu, But keep one thing in mind that Pendulum Clock should not be in the Bedroom. Hanging a clock in the bedroom can increase mental disturbance and cause problems in sleep. Ideal Shape for Wall Clock - Round shape wall clock is best

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Posters and Paintings Vastu - Principles You Must Follow Posters and paintings plays a vital role in enhancing the beauty of any room but using them according to Vastu shall further boost the positive vibes in the house. It is a fact that every single object around, has its own energy, aura and vibes -Read Mor Vastu believes that hanging the wall clock in the northern direction attracts more wealth. 2)If your wall clock comprises of a pendulum, then, place it in the eastern direction. 3)Always hang the wall clock inside your house. 4)If the location is a bedroom, then, place the clock in such a way that you see it while waking up from your bed As per Vastu Shastra, To attract financial abundance, one must be calibrated and in tune with the universal energy, shares Ashna Ddhannak. Money is one of the most crucial factors in our lives. According to Vastu Shastra, the 5 elements — fire, water, earth, air, and space — are a combination of the cosmic energies And vastu is a great way to harness positive energy present in the environment. Almost all the energy that enters your house comes in through the entrance or main door. Hence, what better way to invite positivity into your home than getting the vastu for home entrance right. Directions for Vastu Entranc

Use Vastu strips, Vastu partitions, Vastu shifts, etc. under the guidance of Vastu experts to achieve the desired result. Space around you affects your performance, health & relationship. Simple Vastu techniques for your home or business Apr 21, 2021 - Explore renu singh's board Vastu on Pinterest. See more ideas about vastu shastra, vastu house, feng shui tips To remedy any obstacle, hang a picture of a burning candle on the south wall of the bath room. In case any inhabitant of the house is unable to get a marriage alliance or lives alone, it might be due to improper Vastu in the South East or North West directions

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Vastu for Mirror is used to increase space or direction in the house, as mirrors tend to reflect what they show and allow you to see the double of a cut area when placed correctly. Doubles The Wealth When a mirror is put in front of a cash locker, it represents doubling the amount of money in the locker If the mirror in the hall which does not face the door, it is said to bring good positive energy into the house and absorb the negative energy. However, make sure that it is placed in a proper direction as per Vastu principles. Mirror should be not be placed opposite/facing each other; they would promote restlessness for the family members This vastu device should be placed on an altar or raised platform. You can even hang the framed bias yantra in North or North-East direction facing South or South-East direction. Bisa Yantra Mantra. Chant Aaeng Hareeng Kaleeng Chamundaye Vichche mantra for at least 21 times. 5. Panchmukhi Hanuman Yantr Some of the tips about the direction and location of paintings and pictures to leverage maximum positive effects are: Everyone loves to have family pictures and portraits displayed in one's home. The best place to hang these pictures is the South-West wall, as this placement increases bond and harmony between the relationships

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A dog proves beneficial if there are problems connected to the brahmasthaan, if the main gate is in the South West or toilet is in the wrong direction. If the West direction isn't as per vastu norms, get a black dog. Alternative: If you can't keep a dog at home, feed biscuits to street dogs to eradicate negative doshas. 3. Parrot, goat and turtl South-west direction should have pictures of couple or family to improve love, bonding and relationships. 16. Children should face in the north direction while studying to get success in examination Avoid having the main source of lighting in a room coming in from the South-East direction. It is considered negative according to vastu. To have a bright and rewarding career, place bright lights in the South zone. But be careful about the source of light. Spot lights are considered to bring home positivity 16 Zones of Vastu - Vastu For Rooms. Which room should be constructed in which direction, if this consideration is not kept in mind while planning a house, the whole building may go against the principles of and it will create lot of troubles causing harms and loss to the owner/inmates

Here are some of the most essential vastu tips for home; East facing main door is the best. According to vastu, main door should face East, North or North East. Doors in your home or office should open inside, not outside. Hanging Swastik and Om symbol on main door will bring prosperity to your family. Hanging a name plate outside the main gate. As per vastu, white, light yellow, green and blue are the best choices for the living area as they bring in a tranquil vibe. Use these colours on their own or in a combination to maximize the positivity in the space. Avoid black and red for living room walls. 9. Paintings and art Moreover, hanging a clock in the North direction is auspicious. It is believed to be a harbinger of wealth and prosperity. Vastu Shastra suggests hanging the wall clock in the north, east, or the west direction. It makes it easier to look at the wall clock while working. In addition, it also maintains a positive environment in the house

Mirrors are the most powerful and at the same time the most simple to use vastu tool.. A mirror, in vastu, is considered as one of the best vastu defect remedy tool.. This tool - the mirror - has the ability to attract unimagined fortunes, wealth and happiness, if used as per rules and regulations of vastu shastra Let us see how directions influence the location of the living room: North-west location:The north-west quadrant, belonging to the element of air, is an ideal location for the living room, that is, if you want to avoid late night parties, get-togethers, etc.This quadrant indicates movement and makes guests restless, encouraging them to leave According to ancient science of directions, Vastu Shastra peace and harmony reign through bedroom if the room is located in right direction. A properly located bedroom provides complete relaxation after a weary day and also brings good things into life. Here are given the facts which explain complete vastu for bedroom. Location for Bedroom Ideally master bedroom should be located in southern. Ideal mandir directions as per Vastu Jupiter is the lord of the north-east direction, which is also called as the as 'Ishan kona', explains Jayshree Dhamani, a Vastu Shastra and astrology expert. Ishan is Ishwar or God. That's how it is the direction of God/Jupiter. Hence, it is advisable to keep the temple there For financial gains, placing Goddess Laxmi's picture or idol near the entrance is beneficial. A very common Vastu belief is that keeping a flute in the house keeps away financial troubles. If you're facing troubles with your education or career, hanging 2 flutes will be beneficial. Vastu Tips for Academic Growt

According to vastu shastra, all the directions are important and has some significance of its own. Today, we are going to explore one particular direction, namely the north east vastu, its defects and remedies, in details. So, stay with us and learn it yourself with the help of expert consultants According to Vastu Shastra living room or drawing room should be located in east or north direction. The ideal location of a living room depends on plot facing. The living room can be in northeast direction for east and north facing house.The living room can be in northwest for west facing house.In south facing house, living room can be in southeast Importance of VASTU in our routine life is very high. Now the entire world admire its benefits. In VASTU image of Seven horses keeps its place on top but we need to understand the correct way of hanging and correct image of Seven Horses. Horses are symbol of ENERGY, HEALTH and PROSPERITY as we measure power of any mechanical engine in HORSE. The Pictures of God should face the West Direction and the person offering prayers should face the East Direction, this is considered Excellent Vastu Shastra. Avoid keeping the heavy idols or Gods in the mandir / Temple of the house As per Vastu it is best recommended to have pictures of Gods instead ----Therefore, to achieve excellent grades in studies, hang a picture of books or make a library on the Western wall in the WSW Zone.-----There are certain directions, as per Vastu depending upon which subjects are being studied. For example, to achieve proficiency in mathematics and science, students should study facing the West

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1. A prayer room is well known at the Ishan Kon (Northeast). Worship room Vastu is considered better if situated towards East or North. 2. The face of The God should be facing East or North direction in a prayer room Vastu. Broken idol or picture must be never situated in the Vastu of worship room. 3 The best solution to hang your pictures flexibly and safely. Order online now! Hanging Systems with STAs Picture Rail. Perfect for Home & Office

Vastu Tips for Hanging Paintings in the house. Posted on 13/09/2016 I by: AstroSaathi . Everybody wants to click picture with their loved ones to cherish every single moment of happiness. According to Vaastu, there are few specified directions where we should hang pictures or posters to avoid clashes at home Vastu give away proper location and placement of every materialistic object so that the negative affect gets nullify in the proper direction. Just like this Vastu lays some rules to place family photographs on an apt wall and it is believed that placing photographs on wrong wall in wrong direction can be harmful for the relationships The other direction than the south direction which can be used for placing the photo is the southwest direction. Important Vastu Tips For Dead Person Photos The photo of our ancestors and dead family members should not be placed in any place in the middle of the house तस्वीर की दिशा सही नहीं होने के कारण हंसती खेलती जिंदगी भी कई बार बर्बाद हो सकती है। जानें तस्वीर को किस दिशा में लगाना होता है सह

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Vastu for Entrance. According to Vastu, the main door or entrance (main gate) has been accorded prime importance as it lets in or keeps out the vital life-giving force that promotes Health, Wealth, Harmony, and also good Luck. Property with the auspicious entrance as per Vastu fetches higher prices and is always in demand. An auspicious entrance will encourage good energy for your home Pictures of animals fighting, hunting lions, trees devoid of flowers and fruits and dead animals like pigeons, snakes, crows, owls, and vultures should never be hung on the walls of the bedroom. We should not hang pictures of Gods and Goddesses in the bedroom as this place is used by us for enjoying life in its different forms like drinking.

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Oct 31, 2015 - Explore Rico Garcia's board Vastu on Pinterest. See more ideas about vastu house, how to plan, indian house plans A bedroom will help to rejuvenate you throughout the night and so allow you to wake up refreshed if same is designed as per Vastu. Bedroom energy impacts the relationship, health, and quality of life. It is essential to create a calm, relaxing, mood elevating atmosphere in the bed room. Enhancing a bed room for romance is extra important There are specific directions for putting diyas and lamps at the place of worship forMaaDurga.The Akhand-jot should be placed at the south-east corner [Agneyo angle]. If there is any lamp shade, it is to be placed in the southeast corner of the room. Placing the mangal-ghat on a sandalwood table is the most desirable setting as per Vastu.

Table of Contents Office Vastu - Vastu Shastra for Offices1. Direction of office building2. Location of office3. Plot for office4. Entrance of office5. Reception 6. Staircase7. Workstations8. Rooms of the office owners9. Employees desk10. Accounts department11. Marketing department12. Cash safe13. Toilets14. Aquarium 15. Conference room16. Pantry17. Colors of office walls 18. Manager seating. Surya Wall Hanging / Vastu Sun. ₹ 320.00 ₹ 180.00. Surya wall hanging brings a certain kind of luck. It is important to place them correctly. A sum made in copper is excellent vastu harmonizer when placed on east wall of the home. If your house or working place does not have window towards the east , a sun can be placed as a virtual symbol Kids Vastu for Bedroom Furniture. Kids Vastu for Bedroom Furniture. Place cupboards in South or West walls of the room. Don't place the furniture adjacent to the walls. Maintain a gap of few inches to let the positive energy flow smoothly. Avoid placing any furniture in the center of the room as it obstructs the flow of energy in the room Though, with every vastu related thing, there are some tips that you need to follow and to avoid: 1. North is the ideal location for placing a picture or statue of a running horse. It is known to give that perfect push in the right direction to your professional life. 2

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A Picture of Devi Mahalaxmi seated on lotus with elephants is good to be As per Vastu it is North is the Direction of Kuber the God of Wealth thus windows in the North brings prosperity while East is the Direction of SUN and also the Direction of New Opportunities . PICTURE OF DRISHTI GANESH. RIGHT WAY TO HANG A HORSE SHOE ABOVE THE. Vastu tips to help you redesign your kid's favourite room. Here are some simple Vastu tips for your children's room:. 1. Location and structure of bedroom (Bhoomi) Vayu, the god of wind and air, is situated in the Northwest corner To avoid this, leave the bedroom windows open for at least 20 minutes every day and allow fresh air to flow in. Proper ventilation and adequate natural lighting bring in positive energy into the house and, with it, the flow of money. On sleeping direction as per Vastu, placing your head in the south is believed to bring wealth According to Vastu, this sacred and auspicious plant must be placed in the North, East or North-East direction. Tulsi is also known as Holy Basil helps in detoxification of our body and contributes to removing the toxins from our blood. Tulsi is one of the most popular plants, according to Vastu that should be kept at home The following Vastu tips will help you derive maximum benefits from a waterfall painting by helping you place it in the right direction of your home. Waterfall Paintings Channelize Positive Energy. Water has connections with money. Hanging waterfall paintings on the wall results in the flow of positive energy

Vastu for study room or Vastu Shastra for Study room includes placement of the study table , table lamp, the photo frames, bed, other objects in the study room and also direction of study table. As per Saral Vastu Principles, students facing their favourable directions will feel energised in the right way and boost concentration levels enabling. Vastu tips for decorating the bedroom: According to vastu shastra, bedrooms should be in square or rectangle shape. This brings in more prosperity and peace in the lives of a couple. The entrance door to your bedroom must open to 90 degrees angle. According to vastu, if the door doesn't open completely, chances of getting good luck reduces

Vastu is nothing related to religion it is a science of setting the things in order to maintain the balance of the five elements that are EARTH, FIRE, WATER, SPACE, and AIR to have a promising atmosphere and make the most benefit out of life. By Vastu, we basically mean a dwelling, which is the home for both god and humans in the most favorable manner This can also serve as a source for a refreshing drink or as a face pack ingredient. Place your aloe vera plant in the north or east direction. Bonus Section Vastu Plants for Kitchen Garden. If we were to talk about Vastu plants for the home that can be grown in the kitchen garden, then Mint, Green Chilli and Coriander plants are the best choices

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Many a times, when we visit a building, especially residential, owned by a Hindu client, for Vastu audit, a question arises, whether we should place an idol of Ganesha on the back of Main door.. Interestingly, we find same question appearing on the internet in the queries, especially on the groups related to Astrology and Vastu Inauspicious pictures should not be on the door. Doors should have thresholds. Shoes should not be kept in front of the door, but to the side. The door should not be slanted, sliding, or circular. About Vastu Sastra. The Vastu legend. The Vastu Mandala. Plot situation, direction & roads. Size & shape of plot. Soil & slope of plot. Construction. A Kitchen is a symbol of prosperity and nutrition. According to Vastu Shastra, the kitchen should be placed ideally in South-east direction. The Kitchen in North or North-east direction will bring health and financial troubles. In such case, to avoid problems hang three bronze bowls upside facing downward ceiling not over the gas stove. Bed room

Vastu Dosh Remedies For Toilet- Complete Tips and Vastu Solution: Vastu Shastra has occupied almost all the fields such as home, business, office, shop, etc.Most of the apartments and houses are constructed by keeping Vastu guidelines in mind. When you are buying or constructing the home, it is advised to pay special attention to toilets, bathrooms, as well as combined washrooms Vastu for Plot-Complete Vastu recommendation for Plots. 1. Plot should be square of rectangular in shape. Square would be best. If it is rectangle then the ratio of length to breadth should be 1:2 and not more than that. 2. The ground level should be higher in South & West rather than North and East. 3 The Vastu Shastra says to keep this green near the window of the bedroom from where it can incite peace, tranquillity and good luck. 4. Lily Plant. A fragrant plant loved by millions is also appreciated by Vastu Shastra which says that Lily plant is a symbol of happiness, peace, and harmony. Placing it in the bedroom could make you sleep like a. Panchamukhi Hanumanji- ward off evil eye, keep away negative energies from home and protect from jealous neighbours. Very important remedy for Vastu Dosha- South Facing doors Shri Panchamukha Hanuman is one of the most important upasana deity of our Guru Parampara. Inspite of rapid strides in technology, there is a growing insecurity for the average human being, both at emotional and physical.

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Vastu Shastra is a concept primarily concerned with space, and how it works to affect health and wellness. These principles are commonly used in Indian architecture. When it comes to choosing a sleeping direction, it's believed that your bedroom interacts with the elements of the earth to affect your wellbeing As per vastu experts in India, all the directions have its significance and are equally auspicious. You only need to make sure that the property is vastu complaint. If it follows the vastu rules, it will help you and your family to have a happy and prosperous life ahead. Today, we will explore the significance of west facing house vastu in details