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Explore The Greatest Silent Disco Headphones Deals Online. Top Deals With Free Shipping Included. Find Our Lowest Possible Price! Cheapest Silent Disco Headphones For Sal We offer rental or purchase of silent disco headphones for your party or event. Our 30 years of professional DJ experience to makes sure you get the best possible results. All three transmitters are included with your rental fee. Headphones are fully disinfected, charged and tested between rentals

Learn how to rent silent disco headphones for silent discos, silent parties, conferences with headphones and meetings with multiple presenters We make it dead simple to rent silent disco equipment for your event. Each rental package can be completely customized, and always includes professional-grade wireless headphones, a powerful music transmitter, connecting cables and instructions Party Headphones is the premier provider of silent disco headphones and equipment in the United States. Learn more and find out how we can amp up your next party with silent equipment rentals. 1-833-727-894 A silent disco or silent rave is an event where people dance to music listened to on wireless headphones. A unique way to have a different party experience. We provide an easy way for people to rent equipment to silence any event

Silent Events ® provides wireless headphone rentals for Silent Disco Parties and more! We also offer full-scale production services, including sound engineers, DJs, headphone distribution specialists and lighting. With 14 years of wireless headphone experience and producing over 700 shows per year, Silent Events is the standard in the wireless headphone industry CONTACT. Silent Events® provides Sacramento with silent disco headphone rental and more! We also offer full-scale production services, including sound engineers, DJs, headphone distribution specialists and lighting. With 14 years of wireless headphone experience and producing over 700 shows per year, Silent Events is the standard in the. 250 Headphones. Are you ready to throw the ultimate silent disco or silent party experience in Dallas, Texas? Party Headphones is the Nation's top provider of wireless silent disco headphone rentals. On the scene since 2012, we have been amping up parties with Silent Disco equipment around the U.S., Canada, Mexico, and even the Caribbean

We also rent and sell avant-garde wireless headphones and transmitter systems. Sound Off wireless headphone technology can be used for silent disco, silent fitness, silent yoga, silent party, silent meeting, and silent cinema events. We work with private groups, event organizers, production companies, and fitness studios to create captivating. Silent disco producer, Silent Events®, is more than just a wireless headphone rental company. Silent Events® provides full-scale production including: sound engineers, DJs, distribution specialists and lighting packages. Silent Events® delivers it all with the latest technology! American owned and operated, Silent Events® is the company. Powering silent disco rentals worldwide since 2007 Operating since 2007, Headphone Disco has grown to become the largest silent disco event producer & wireless headphone rental company worldwide. With tens of thousands of top of the range headphones available, we power hundreds of events across the globe every year for clients including Firefly. Headphone rentals & more. Rent or buy silent disco headphones. Bring your event to life with the best silent disco rentals available for rent or purchase. We are the premier silent disco equipment provider and silent event company with SILENCE state-of-the-art LED headsets

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  1. ed by the number of headphones that you need. Here at www.Silent-disco-rental.com, in 2020, your rental rate is $5.42 per headphone for 100. We include the transmitter equipment, chargers and adapters for no additional cost to you
  2. The top provider of silent disco headphones & silent party rentals. Multiple Channels. Guests can toggle and jam through multiple genres of live music when you rent our three channel silent disco headphones at your silent event. Premium Sound. Our high quality, noise cancelling wireless headphones sends clear audio up to 400 yards away
  3. RENT THE BEST SILENT DISCO KIT IN LONDON. Please complete the enquiry form below for the silent disco kit. One of our team will get back you within 2 hours! Number Of Headphones. Select Amount 15 Headphones - £95 25 Headphones - £135 50 Headphones - £165 100 Headphones - £240 150 Headphones - £320 200 Headphones - £390 250 Headphones - £.
  4. Our Silent Headphones rental service is ready to be customized, according to our clients' needs.We offer different Headphones rental formulas: spot events rentals, frequent events agreements, long term deals.Our stock is made of 7 different wireless headphones, wireless receivers, different power steady and portable transmitters, high quality microphones and mixers
  5. With our silent disco headphones rental packages throwing your own silent disco couldn't be easier. We've been helping add a spectacle to weddings, nightclubs, birthdays, bar mitzvahs and beyond across the globe since 2007. Drop us a message today and one of our planners will be happy to guide you through the best options to give your.
  6. When you email, tell me the number of headphones you'd like to rent and your shipping address so that I can answer your question and get you started. [email protected] This site is the place to rent your silent disco headphones and accessories when supplying your own music
  7. Silent Disco Events. HUSHconcerts owns thousands of cutting edge multi-channel rechargeable wireless silent disco headphones. Our stock is well maintained and sanitized by the most experienced tech staff in our field. You can either hire our professional event staff to produce your event for you, or for smaller events, simply rent the.
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Silent Disco is an event where people dance and listen to any type of audio on wireless headphones, rather than using a speaker system. All of the audio is broadcast using radio transmitters with the radio being picked up through the wireless headphones being worn by the participants Based in Denver, Colorado, SoundDown Party provides silent disco headphone & system rentals, unique event planning, and custom curated DJ services. Founded in 2014, we are Denver's first and original silent disco company to serve the greater Denver metro area and throughout our state, from Fort Collins to Aspen down to Buena Vista and Manitou.

Price to rent silent disco: Silent Disco Rental prices include shipping both ways and all three transmitters. Rental of 25 headphones = $200.00. Rental of 35 headphones = $245.00. Rental of 45 headphones = $287.75. Rental of 60 headphones = $351.50. Rental of 85 headphones = $457.85. Rental of 125 headphones= $625.25 01. Rent & Run Your Own. We ship or bring the kit to you (within NC/SC) with full instructions on how to run your own silent disco. All you have to provide is the music for the transmitters. 02. Rental + D.J. We provide the headphones and also DJ your event. We can be passive and just over-see the event or be fully involved to get the party going

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Rochester Silent Disco offers silent disco headphone system rentals in the Greater Rochester and Fingerlakes regions. A number of different sized packages of the highest quality silent disco headphones in the industry are available to meet all of your event and party needs THe #1 SILENT DISCO HEADPHONE RENTAL COMPANY ON THE SOUTHEAST COAST. LET US HOST YOUR NEXT EVENT! Book your Silent Disco Headphone rental today with Quiet Ordinance, LLC! We offer equipment rentals, live DJs, lighting, production, and more for silent party events across the country The Headphone Company offers silent party rental supplies for you to host your own silent event in Atlanta GA! Book your silent headphones and silent event equipment today with The Headphone Company! FREE Delivery & Pickup in Metro ATL All silent disco rental prices include Headphones, Transmitters, Cables with Nationwide Delivery & Collection. NO Holding Deposits and No extra hidden charges! Amount Of Headphones 10 Headphones - £90 15 Headphones - £95 25 Headphones - £135 35 Headphones - £145 50 Headphones - £165 60 Headphones - £177 75 Headphones - £200 85 Headphones.

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Our silent disco headphone rentals are available for purchase. Get your quote today by letting us know how many wireless headphones and silent headphone equipment you are looking to purchase here.After you fill out our website form, one of our team members will set up a 5-minute call to discuss the products you need to purchase and offer you a quote for your requested purchase items Host A Silent Event - Headphone Rentals. Take your event to the next level and let your guests control their own audio experience? Make your next event a silent headphone party. Deliver up to 3 separate channels of crystal clear sound that only your guests can hear. Silent Beats Events services are completely customizable to your needs |rent silent disco headphones Silent Sound Entertainment Headphones guarantee that being too loud is never an issue at your event! Our custom designed headphones can receive up to (3) individual channels of audio broadcasted through our wireless U.H.F. Radio Transmitters Mountain Silent Disco is taking the mountains by storm, and can transform your next event! Based in Vail, CO we are the valley's premier Silent Disco entertainer and headphone rental provider. Have noise constraints at your wedding, want to spice up your corporate event, create a unique fitness experience, or just want to party? -- we are here. The Silent Disco RF Headphone is a premium quality model has superior sound quality, portability, and convenience. The rechargeable batteries offer 8-10 hours of non-stop fun to transport the system — and your party — anywhere

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How much is it to rent silent disco headphones? Renting a pair of silent disco headphones would cost you about $8 to $10. While renting is not a bad idea, we recommend buying a pair of silent headphones, especially in the current COVID-19 scenario As a U.S.-based pioneer in the silent disco movement since 2009, we help hundreds of event planners across the country create unforgettable silent disco experiences every year. From large corporate events to intimate silent disco weddings, our versatile wireless headphone technology can be incorporated into any type of event — fitness classes. Hire Wireless Headphones for Silent Disco, we are based out in all the multi-tier cities of India is delivering these innovative silent disco headphones to in-house parties, festivals, special events, Discos etc. A trusted name for silent headphones, the organization has provided a simple solution to the hazards of Noise Pollution

Each silent disco includes a transmitter which you will feed with an audio source. Whether is a program, band, DJ or playlist, users will then grab a pair of headphones and connect to the source they wish to hear. Each headphone set is wireless and has independent volume controls for a perfect user experience Price to rent silent disco: Silent Disco Rental prices include shipping both ways and all three transmitters. Rental of 25 headphones = $200.00; Rental of 35 headphones = $245.00; Rental of 45 headphones = $287.75; Rental of 60 headphones = $351.50; Rental of 85 headphones = $457.85; Rental of 125 headphones= $625.25; Rental of 175 headphones. 6. $354.79. Silent Sound System Silent Disco Headphone Package | (5 Headphones/1 Transmitter) 1 offer from $510.00. Complete 12 Person Wireless Listening / Learning Center For Classroom School Teachers & Students - Hamilton LCP/12/901. 3.6 out of 5 stars. 10. $475.20. Silent Disco 10pcs led Headphones Bundle Rent Silentdisco Headphones for your Silent Event. We also offer Audio Systems for Silentfitness, Silent Conference, Silent Concert, and much more

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Seattle's Silent Disco Company. Based in Seattle, Washington, SoundDown Seattle provides silent disco headphone & system rentals, unique event & party planning, and custom curated DJ services. We specialize in creating unforgettable experiences and activations for Birthdays, Charity Events, Company Parties, Corporate Events, Festivals. Party Headphones™ Silent Disco Company As an Amazon Associate, we earn commission from qualifying purchases made through our site Specializing in experiential entertainment rentals and equipment leases in North America Austin's FIRST SILENT DISCO COMPANY! Also called a silent party, a silent disco is an experience where guests wear our wireless headphones with the ability to choose between 3 different channels. As a result, we create one-of-a-kind experiences with endless possibilities Silent Disco Headphone Dance Party Rentals in Colorado are the latest trend in small gathering entertainment. With our Silent Disco Headphones, you can have up to 3 different music playlists going at the same time at the switch of a button on each silent disco headphone. Host a small gathering of 10 people, up to as much as 100 people

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With Silent Disco they ask, how can people talk with headphones on? Then they realize that the headphones can be easily removed for a quick chat in a normal conversational voice. This is much easier than having to yell in order to be heard over the typical sound system at full dance volume As the premier silent disco headphone rental provider and silent event company, our live experiences feature state-of-the-art LED headsets and smooth silent events. Choose SILENCE for Tampa silent disco party headphones rentals, or purchase your own today. Get A Quote 1 (800) 674-375 Loved the Silent Party in the Disco and hope to see it on more Royal Caribbean ships. Loved the Silent Disco, what a creative and fun idea! The Silent Party was a blast and one of the most unique experiences that I have ever participated in We are the Leader suppliers of Silent Disco, Silent Yoga, Silent Fitness and Silent Party services. We provide over 10,000 wireless headphones of the best quality on the market. Five different models in three channels, powerful transmitters Super Power Bass ® 500-meter radius of action, with 10 hours of battery autonomy

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We supply silent disco equipment hire packages with modern LED wireless headphones for silent parties, events, weddings, birthdays, s chools and festivals in the UK. Host your own silent disco party with our affordable equipment rental prices, delivered to any UK address We are your premier silent disco headphone rentals provider and silent events company to bring the big D unique live parties that your guests aren't likely to forget. Book Dallas silent disco party rental and state-of-the-art headphones. Get A Quote 1 (800) 674-3757. Serving Dallas since 2014 Silent Disco. Our Silent Disco headsets will leave you dancing in the moonlight long after the clubs are closed. The totally wireless headsets, allow you and your guests, the freedom to dance the night away. With the added addition of multiple channel options available, your party guests can go from rocking out to raving at the push of a button

We specialize in renting Silent Disco equipment throughout the Buffalo, NY and the Niagara Falls region as well as all of the US. We offer the highest quality headphones and transmitters for all of your Silent Disco party rental needs You can throw a crazy backyard headphone party for a few friends or a massive festival for thousands of people to enjoy! We provide a wide range of services including headphone rentals, DJs, lighting, and event planning services. Why are these Quiet Clubbing ® / Silent Disco parties the perfect event Rent. We provide professional-grade equipment and setup guidance. You handle the rest. Create your own custom, immersive events backed by Sound Off ® audio technology. Dance parties, fitness and wellness experiences, corporate events, and conferences. If you can dream it, we can support it with direct-shipped rental equipment and out-of-the. Silent Disco is a fantastic entertainment alternative when you don't want to bother your neighbours while still enjoying loud, tasteful music with your friends!. Booking a Silent Headphone Disco has never been easier! Quiet Clubbing and Silent Headphone Parties are taking off nationwide. Hire 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 and up to a whopping 5000+ Wireless Headphones and party into the early hours with. Best Silent Party Equipment on the Asian Market. Rental Service for Singapore and Malaysia. Silent Disco, Silent Concert, Silent Fitness, Silent Meeting

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Starting at $250. This package starts at 25 headphones and includes 3 transmitters so you can play 3 types of your favorite music simultaneously. Your home or your backyard could be the perfect venue for a silent disco and this package can help make that possible. Click here to get a rental estimate. Learn more Specialties: We specialize in renting Silent Disco equipment throughout the Buffalo, NY and the Niagara Falls region as well as all of the US. We offer the highest quality headphones and transmitters for all of your Silent Disco party rental needs. Silent Disco is an event where people dance and listen to any type of audio on wireless headphones, rather than using a speaker system

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www.silent-disco-rental.com I describe the headphones that you get when you rent from us Ultimate Silent Disco Headphone Party. 1 Live DJ playing 3 different genres of music at the same time. 80/90's vs Y2k vs NOW. About this EventMark your calendars for the Ultimate Headphone Party and Beer tasting. 1 Live DJ playing 3 different genres of music at the same time. Spinning your favorite dance and sing-along hits from 80's/90's, Y2k and NOW all in one amazing indoor and outdoor. We are more than a Silent Disco company, we are creators of ambiance. silent disco Rentals and Event Production. Long before we ever imagined Silent Disco could exist, we have been creating spectacular events through light and sound through our Parent company Limitless Lights and Sound.Years of industry and 100's of events under our belt have left us with a solid background in full scale event. Old Metropolitan Hall is the perfect place for a Silent Disco party on the Downtown Mall! These wireless headphones allow you to choose between 3 different stations, all created by you or chosen by a DJ, and their bright, glowing colors let you know who is on your music station. We have the space, lighting, and headphones to make it the perfect. We are THE ORIGINAL* dry-hire silent disco company providing cost effective hire to all kind of events throughout the UK, such as festivals, nightclubs, weddings, silent cinema and private parties.Since 2007 we have been shipping our headphones to all corners of this fine nation. With thousands of colourful headphones at our disposal we can cater for both small and large scale events, from 20.

Silent Disco Headphone Hire & Events. Powering silent disco hire worldwide since 2007. Operating since 2007, Headphone Disco has grown to become the largest silent disco event producer & wireless headphone hire company worldwide. With tens of thousands of top of the range headphones available, we power hundreds of events across the globe every. Silent Conference. When it comes to conferences, trade shows, and conventions, Silent Conference is improving the overall experience for both event producers and attendees. By leveraging wireless headphones and proprietary technology, multiple presentations occur in the same space and deliver a vastly improved experience to attendees Silent disco is fun to participate in and funny to watch. Three channels of live music is only heard through special headphones and the DJs play different music and genres. Participants get down and sing out loud, while onlookers enjoy the spectacle of a group of people appearing to dance to no music Headphone & Transmitter Rental. Think about renting a silent DJ system for your next covid-conscious outdoor event. Usually we can arrange drop off and pickup right to your location and help with system set up and headset distribution. Transmitters are $50 and headsets are $5 per person per event. We hold a $300 refundable damage deposit for.

OC Silent Disco is an event company specializing in Silent Disco Parties. They have an event right on the sand every single Friday from 6pm - 10pm in Huntington Beach at the end of Beach Blvd. Some people like to show up early and save a fire pit and have a whole day The headphones make it possible to throw a Silent Disco kids party in any location without upsetting the neighbours. Bazinga Parties in collaboration with Silent Events caters to events, functions and parties and is the ultimate party experience for kids and adults. Book it now and experience a party the little ones won't forget. R2950 Silent Disco Kit brings our popular wireless headphones to you via our dry hire service. Delivered right to your door and incredibly EASY TO SET UP, you can create your own silent event exactly the way you want it by connecting your music playing devices to our two or three channel transmitters Silent Disco is quickly becoming a staple in the entertainment industry. With its ability to cater to a diverse crowd and still keep everyone dancing together it is a great addition to any event. We offer Silent Disco headphone rentals to events of all sizes. With our high quality headphones you can turn any event, large or small, into a hit We are a London and Essex based company, specialising in silent disco equipment for dry hire rental. We also offer a range of other solutions for parties and corporate events. We hold a large stock of modern and fresh headphones which are ready to go anywhere over the country for your chosen event

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  1. August 2018 saw Silent Disco King deliver a silent disco for Lowlands with not 10,000 headphones but 20,000 headphones, making the event the world's biggest silent disco of its time. The silent disco went so well, it set the bar higher for an even bigger activation in 2019
  2. With more than 25000 wireless headphones available and up to 20 different events on the same weekend, LEM International S.r.l. ® is the best solution for High Quality headphones rentals. From the 2012, year of LEM foundation, we boast the primate of events made with Wireless Headphones. Our wireless headphones are used in various industries like: discos, events open air, fitness events.
  3. Yelahanka. 18/19, 10th Cross, 1st Main Road, Maruthinagar, Yelahanka, Pin Code No-560064, Bangalore. 09900868035. Silent Party Headphone On Rent, Wireless Tour Guide System On Rent, Silent Disco Headphone On Rent, Silent Conference Equipment on Rent, Wireless LED Silent Headphones, Wireless Tour Guide System Hire. Silent Equipment Rental

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  1. g out of speakers. The headphones connect wirelessly to a radio transmitter. If you use two transmitters everyone can choose for themselves what to listen to. They choose between the two different music sources
  2. We are the best Australian Silent Disco and the only company with staff and equipment in each state. Silent disco hire Sydney is what Party Higher specialise in. We offer professional DJ's, amazingly skilled staff, eye catchy light up headphones, interactive Entertainment and much more. Party Higher even offer a 100% FUN Guarantee
  3. Heading: Silent Disco Headphones for Rent, City: Noida, Results: Translation Agencies, Involvements: Phone Interpreter Services Silent Disco Headphones Rental Simultaneous Interpretation Services near me with phone number, reviews and address

A Silent Disco has much in common with a regular party or disco however there is no music! Once you put on our LED Silent Disco Headphones the party comes alive, with our easy channel switch on the side you will experience listening to up to 3 DJ's, Bands or any music source at the same time, in the same room Three-time honorable mention on VH1's Song of the Year, Robin Applewood sees his music career as giving back. A musical renaissance man, Robin tours his original California Soul Rock globally, Produces albums and music videos in his recording studio locally and unites people on the dance floor as a professional DJ.In addition to being an active leader in the Bay Area music community, Robin. Custom Items Available to Rent. 12 Custom 8' farm tables. 8 Custom cocktail tables. 1 Custom 11' farm buffet table. Lounge Furniture. 1 Wooden Podium. 340 Silent Disco Headphones Instant prices & availability for Silent Discos in Chelmsford to consider for your event / occasion. View all (21) Fill details of your event / occasion and search services from. 21 Silent Discos local to you now. Silent Disco King

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  1. Silent Disco New Zealand provide silent disco and silent event equipment to all size events, from small house parties, corporate events, through to large festivals. Silent Disco New Zealand can deliver wireless headsets and our silent event system from the North and South, and gives you the opportunity to run a silent disco in your own backyard
  2. Silent Disco Party. Shhhh...We're throwing a quiet party! Gather your friends and dance your heart out at Vue Rooftop's Silent Disco! Headphone rental will be provided for each ticket purchased. Ticketholders will be able to tune in to 1 of our 3 live DJ spinning different genres, jump back and forth from station to station as you wish
  3. Are Headphone Disco any good at Silent Discos? We've been at it in Ireland since 2008 and have a good rep to uphold! We can connect you with one of our many happy couples or promoters to give a testimonial! How do I secure the booking? We take a deposit by paypal, and then the rest just before or on the night. We can accept bank lodgements or.
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