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  1. This free slope calculator solves for multiple parameters involving slope and the equation of a line. It accepts inputs of two known points, or one known point and the slope. Also, explore hundreds of other calculators addressing math, finance, health, fitness, and more
  2. The Slope Calculator is apt of carrying out mathematical operations with the following algorithms: Slope Length is the square root of (Rise squared plus Run squared) Angle of Inclination is the tangent of (Rise devided by Run) Percentage is 100 multiplied by (Rise devided by Run) Per Mille is 1000 multiplied by (Rise devided by Run
  3. Free slope calculator - find the slope of a line given two points, a function or the intercept step-by-step This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience. By using this website, you agree to our Cookie Policy
  4. Calculating the Slope Using Our Calculator. The process of using our calculator to obtain the slope of a line is very easy and streamlined. In order to be able to find the slope between two points, two things are required: One point defined as (x1, y1). Another point defined as (x2, y2)
  5. Average calculator Weighted average calculation. The weighted average (x) is equal to the sum of the product of the weight (w i) times the data number (x i) divided by the sum of the weights:Example. Find the weighted average of class grades (with equal weight) 70,70,80,80,80,90
  6. Calculate the slope in degrees and percent and the distances in length and height. Please enter at distance and slope two values, of which at least one is a distance. The other two values and the total distance will be calculated. Or enter only the slope in degrees or percent to get the other value. Distance in length (l): Distance in height (h)
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And that's it - our ADA ramp slope calculator will show you your results: slope: 3.58° (6.25 %) run: 46.67 ft. ramp length: 46.67 ft. useful info for two ramp runs construction: For two ramps of equal length, each should be 23.38 ft long. Of course, you can split it differently, depending on the space available Roof slope calculator - example of use. Measure the run length - it is the horizontal distance between the roof ridge and the wall of the building. Let's assume it is equal to 6 m. Measure the rise of your roof. Let's say it is equal to 1.5 m. Calculate the rafter length, substituting these values into the following formula This Percent Slope Calculator can calculate that slope percentage! To get the percent of a slope, simply enter the Rise (height of the hill) and the Run (width of the hill) below and press Calculate Slope. How to Calculate Percent Slope. Here is the Percent Slope formula: Slope = (Rise/Run)x100 Roof Pitch. Roof pitch is the measurement of a roof's vertical rise divided by its horizontal run. It is often compared to slope, but is not exactly the same. In the United States, a run of 12 inches (1 foot) is used, and pitch is measured as the rise of the roof over 12 inches. For instance, a 7/12 roof pitch means that the roof rises 7 inches. If you need to know the thickness, outside diameter or inside diameter of a PVC pipe, check out this calculator. Next, measure the length of the pipe you are working with. This will allow the total pipe drop (or fall) to be calculated. If you just want to see the required slope per foot, skip this step. Hit calculate to see the results

Step by step description of how to find components of weight down a slope for GCSE Physics 9- Enter values into any two fields to calculate the third. Input can be in the form 2'3, 3m, 5yd, 3%, etc. If no units are entered the field units are used. Calculated results are shown in blue. Slope input values of 0.4 and above are assumed to be a percent slope. Slope input values less than .4 are assumed to be the ratio of rise to run

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  1. Towing weight calculations - guidance only. Combined weight: 5100. Towcar & trailer combined, ready to tow. This must not be greater than the GCM. Percentage of trailer weight to towcar weight: 96 %. The lighter the trailer relative to the towcar the better, ideally this would be less than 100%. Difference to ATM
  2. e all the necessary anchor points and measurements. In the first box, enter the distance between your two trees or your two anchors. In the second box, enter in the cable slope. We recommend a 3 percent slope for mild speed, and a 6 percent slope as a maximum recommendation. In translation, for every 100 feet.
  3. ing the slope and skew angles related to hip and valley beams can be a challenge made even more difficult when the roof slopes on each side if the hip or valley are different. This Slope and Skew Calculator makes it easy by perfor
  4. For a walking surface grade between -5% to +5% inclusive, this walking calorie burn calculator is based on equations (shown below) derived by ShapeSense.com from experimental data displayed in Figure 3 of the study titled Energy Cost of Running, by R Margaria, P Cerretelli, P Aghemo, and G Sassi (note that the data on walking energy expenditure was originally printed in the study titled.
  5. The Bench Slope Calculator allows one either to (i) calculate the IRA given a set of criteria (bench height, BFA, and catch bench); or (ii) calculate the catch bench width given the height, BFA, and IRA. The yellow shaded cells represent the input cells. No. of Benches between catch benches: is the input for single, double, or triple benching
  6. Select the incline you desire. Refer to your equipment's user guide for exact recommendations concerning acceptable usage and allowable slope. We start you off with the ADA Standard Ratio of 1:12, but we recommend you refer to your equipment's user guide for exact recommendations concerning acceptable usage and allowable slope
  7. es the factor of safety for a soil slope. It uses the Bishop Modified and/or Ordinary Method of Slices for a 2-dimensional setting. It is a slightly modified JavaScript clone of the slope stability software STABR Ver. 2.84 (MS-DOS). The calculator searches the circular slip surface for which the factor of safety is

I understand there is a friction factor in each calculation though if the object is being pushed or pulled on rollers on a 10 degree plane and the weight is constant 180 lbs, can this be calculated into a ratio equaling the lbs (not force) it would take to move it up hill example it takes 30 % force of the weight to move the object equaling 300 newtons = 60 lbs (this is false numbers only used. In statistics, regression is a statistical process for evaluating the connections among variables. Regression equation calculation depends on the slope and y-intercept. Enter the X and Y values into this online linear regression calculator to calculate the simple regression equation line Weight is a measurement of the gravitational force acting on an object. Here we can calculate Weight, Mass, Gravity. Code to add this calci to your website. Just copy and paste the below code to your webpage where you want to display this calculator

Boulder Size. Now you can choose your boulder size based on the following recommended minimum boulder sizes: 6″-12″ boulders for walls up to 2.5′. 12″-18″ boulders for walls up to 4′. 18″-24″ boulders for walls up to 6′. 24″-36″ boulders for walls over 6′. Obviously there is some wiggle room here To calculate your average grade, follow these steps: Multiple each grade by its weight. In this example, you received a 90% on the first assignment and it was worth 10%. So multiply 90 x 10 = 900. You also received an 80% on the test and it was worth 20% of the class grade. So multiply 80 x 20 = 1600 Get your calculator! ($29.99) Contact us for bulk calculator discounts. Select additional packages to add to your calculator. back. Lead Generation. Package. Anyone who uses your calculator must enter an email address or phone number. We'll send you an email report with contact information each time your calculator is used. $24.99 /mo You can use the form below to calculate the relative armor thickness of a sloped armor plate. You can specify two angles. If you specify only one, leaving the other at 90, the direct relative armor thickness will be calculated. If two angles are specified, a compound angle will be calculated. This is useful for simulating a vehicle with sloped.

This exact same approach may be used as a ramp slope calculator for virtually any ramp with a consistent slope. It's possible to use equations, graphs, and tables to symbolize the slope of a linear function, and you'll be able to use the slope formula to compute the slope between two points To use this online calculator for Grade Resistance for Motion on a Slope, enter Grade resistance factor (R g), Percent grade (s) and Weight on wheels (W) and hit the calculate button. Here is how the Grade Resistance for Motion on a Slope calculation can be explained with given input values -> 100 = 5*1*20 Slope Calculator - Calculatorall.Com. Slope of a given line, by definition, describes its incline, grade or steepness. Our slope calculator effectively calculates the values of slopes according to the mathematical formulas used for the same. If the 2 Points are Know

The slope calculator allows you to calculate the angle of a slope, that could be the angle of your driveway, the pitch of a roof, the angle of a hill etc. Slope calculations are particularly useful for ensuring that water flows correctly off a surface and for reducing stress, friction and energy when moving heavy objects using a ramp Press the INV button on your calculator (sometimes called 2nd function) Press the TAN button on your calculator Your angle of slope is 26.5 degrees. Example: Let's assume your climb gains 1,000 feet in altitude (the rise) and the horizontal distance as measured on the map is 1,000 feet (the run). 1,000 divided by 1,000 equals • The weight force is resolved into 2 components: o mg cosθ perpendicular to plane, and o mg sinθ parallel to the plane. • f where F f is friction • The resultant force ΣF perpendicular to the slope is zero, hence: mgcosθ = F N Example A toy car of mass 50g travels down a smooth incline at 30 degrees to the horizontal. Friction may be. Interpolation Calculator Enter two points along a line (X1,Y1) (X2,Y2), as well the final X (X3) coordinate to interpolate the final Y position of that point. Linear interpolation uses the known coordinates and slope to calculate the unknown point Slope Percent = (Amount of Rise / Amount of Run) x 100. Example: The angle percent of a slope with rise of 6 units and run. of 10 units is: Angle Percentage = (6 /10) x 100. Calculated out this gives an angle percentage of 60%

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Component of weight perpendicular to slope, F p equals: \[W\cos\theta = mg\cos\theta\] Question. A 10 kg box slides down a frictionless slope. The slope is at 30° to the horizontal Calculators. Select one of our powerful calculators to get answers to complex engineering problems quickly and easily. Energy Savings Calculator. Flow Calculator. HDD Geometry Calculator - Variable Profile Calculator. Hydrotest Calculator. Internal Pressure & Materials Comparison Calculator. OD & ID Calculator. Radius Calculator The beam calculator uses these equations to generate bending moment, shear force, slope and defelction diagrams. The beam calculator is a great tool to quickly validate forces in beams. Use it to help you design steel, wood and concrete beams under various loading conditions Algebra Calculator is a calculator that gives step-by-step help on algebra problems. See More Examples ». x+3=5. 1/3 + 1/4. y=x^2+1. Disclaimer: This calculator is not perfect. Please use at your own risk, and please alert us if something isn't working. Thank you

Calculate a slope, a gradient, a tilt or a pitch Calculating a Slope from the Length and Height. Calculating a slope using the width and height to find the percentage, angle or length of a slope (the hypotenuse*) is often useful in many areas - especially in the construction industry like stairs or roofs So, when your heavily weighted stocks do well, your portfolio can go up quickly. For example, if a stock with a 20% weight in a $50,000 portfolio doubles, it would mean a $10,000 gain

Correlation and regression calculator. Enter two data sets and this calculator will find the equation of the regression line and corelation coefficient. The calculator will generate a step by step explanation along with the graphic representation of the data sets and regression line Cantilever Beam Slope and Deflection Calculator for Load at Any Point Calculator. Externally applied load. lbs. Elastic Modulus. psi. Area moment of inertia. inches. Length of the beam. inches This calculator will calculate the volume of excavated material using the length and width of the excavation in feet and the excavation depth from an average of four points. It will calculate the volume increase of the material using the swell/bulking percentage from Bank to Loose volume. A dump truck holds anywhere from 10 to 14 cubic yards of. Weight transfer ( or load transfer) Solve. Add to Solver. Description. In the automobile industry, weight transfer customarily refers to the change in load borne by different wheels during acceleration and the change in center of mass location relative to the wheels because of suspension compliance or cargo shifting or sloshing

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This calculator computes slope as rise over run (first output row) and slope as rise over slope length (second output row). Let's use some previous calculations as examples: 396 foot rise 15,840 foot run 15,844.95 foot slope length 2.5% grade 1.4321 degree angle 1 in 40 ratio. 1) Click on ratio. Input 396 rise and 15840 run, then click calculate This calculator will approximate the age of a dog in human years based on weight and age. All dogs age differently with rapid aging in the first two years and a more steady aging process after the first two years. Larger dogs will age faster than smaller breeds Mario compared the slope of the function graphed below to the slope of the linear function that has an x-intercept of and a y-intercept of -2. 26 The boiling point of water, T (measured in degrees), at altitude a (measured in feet) is modeled by the function T(a) = 0.0018a + 212. In terms of altitude an Alpine Ski Length Calculator or Cross Country Ski Length Calculator. For more information about how the other factors (eg. type of terrain, your weight, etc.) impact your choice of skis go below or click here for Alpine Skis Additional Advice or here for Cross Country Skis Additional Advice

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The point-slope form of a line is very useful in calculus to find slope in case the derivative is known. Related calculators. Check out our other algebra calculators such as 2×2 System of Linear Equations Calculator or 3×3 System of Linear Equations Calculator Math course with grade of 80 and weight of 30%. Biology course with grade of 90 and weight of 50%. History course with grade of 72 and weight of 20%. The weighted average grade is calculated by: Weighted grade = = w 1 ×g 1 + w 2 ×g 2 + w 3 ×g 3 = 30%×80+ 50%×90+ 20%×72 = 83. Line Calculator. This calculator will find the equation of a line (in the slope-intercept, point-slope, and general forms) given two points or the slope and one point, with steps shown. If you need to find a parallel or perpendicular line, use the parallel and perpendicular line calculator. To find a slope, use the slope calculator Point slope form calculator uses coordinates of a point `A(x_A,y_A) `and slope m in the two- dimensional Cartesian coordinate plane and find the equation of a line that passes through A. This tool allows us to find the equation of a line in the general form Ax + By + C = 0.It's an online Geometry tool requires one point in the two-dimensional Cartesian coordinate plane and coefficient m

1 lb m /ft 2 = 4.88 kg/m 2. Note! - the weight of truss/rafter must be added to calculate the dead load of the roof Think about a car standing on a slope. If the car is not sinking into the ground it means its weight is being counteracted by an upwards force. If the surface is not flat, like in this scenario, the reaction force has two components: one parallel to the street, and one perpendicular to it This article will help you to calculate the steepest hill you can cycle up without increasing your effort. Determine Your Total Weight. The first thing you need to do is determine your total weight. For bicycle touring: that's your body weight, plus your bike, gear, food and water. Typical touring bikes are in the 12-17kg (26-37lbs) range The rider's frontal area is evaluated approximately from the rider's body height and weight, and a parameter which depends on the selected kind of bicycle ().These assumptions yield good matches with frontal area measurements, and with measurements done with SRM Power Measuring cranks.Inside the fully streamlined bicycles, of course, the rider's frontal area is assumed to have no influence

Calculator Index. Calculator Soup is a free online calculator. Here you will find free loan, mortgage, time value of money, math, algebra, trigonometry, fractions, physics, statistics, time & date and conversions calculators. Many of the calculator pages show work or equations that help you understand the calculations Slope Correction. Asphalt Shingles: The shingles weigh 2.5 lbs per square foot of surface area. We need to convert this to weight on a horizontal projected area, so the shingle weight becomes 2.5 psf times 1.2 or 3.0 psf. This includes the roofing felt that underlies the shingles Decimal to Fraction Fraction to Decimal Radians to Degrees Degrees to Radians Hexadecimal Scientific Notation Distance Weight Time Curved Line Slope Calculator pendiente f(x)=x^{2/3}(2x-1 Table 17.1.-Length-weight regression coefficients for Michigan fishes. Values for the intercept (a) are given in both English (E) and metric (M) systems; the value for the slope (b) is the same in both systems. English equations are in lb and in; metric equations are in g and mm. The standard equation is: log10 Weight = a + b·(log10 Length) Median Calculator Instructions. This calculator computes the median from a data set: To calculate the median from a set of values, enter the observed values in the box above. Values must be numeric and may be separated by commas, spaces or new-line. You may also copy and paste data into the text box

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  1. es the slope or gradient between two points in the Cartesian coordinate system. The slope is basically the amount of slant a line has and can take on positive, negative, zero or an undefined value. Before we can use the calculator we might want to learn how to find the slope using the slope formula
  2. Compare storage tank designs, configurations and metrics easily with the calculators and see which construction gives you optimal capacity for your needs. Choose from bolted steel storage tanks, welded silos, elevated storage tanks, flat-bottom storage tanks, bolted hopper storage tanks and slope-bottom storage tanks to start with and input.
  3. A beautiful, free online scientific calculator with advanced features for evaluating percentages, fractions, exponential functions, logarithms, trigonometry, statistics, and more
  4. About Ratio to Percentage Calculator . The Ratio to Percentage Calculator is used to convert ratio to percentage. Please note that in this calculator ratio a:b means a out of b. Example. Example: Convert the ratio 2:4 into a percentage: 2 : 4 can be written as 2 / 4 = 0.5; Multiplied 0.5 by 100, 0.5 × 100 = 50, so the percentage of ratio 2 : 4.
  5. Figure- 2: Slope of staircase. In order to work out our stair angle we can use a bit of basic trigonometry refer figure-2. Total rise =1940 mm. Total Run = 3800mm. Tan=opposite/adjacent. Opposite / Adjacent =. 1940 / 3800 = 0.51. Inverse Tangent of 0.51 =27 degrees
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Calculate the slope and deflection of a cantilever beam for concentrated load at any point. Engineering Calculators by iCalculator™ Calculator™ Excellent Free Online Calculators for Personal and Business use Calculate the Slope. Calculate the average slope in degrees and percent from several sections and the total length and height difference. Please enter for each of up to 20 sections at distance and slope two values, of which at least one is a distance. The length must be positive Slope Word Problems Calculator: Solves slope word problems. Slope Word Problems. Menu. Start Here; Our Story; Videos; Podcast; Upgrade to Math Mastery. Slope Word Problems Calculator. Enter Slope Problem . Email: donsevcik@gmail.com Tel: 800-234-2933 This Slope and y-intercept Calculator calculates the best-fitting slope and best-fitting y-intercept for a linear line based on the given data points supplied. So we begin with a few data points. We create a regression line to build the best-fitting line for the various data points. A regression line is a line that tries its best to represent. Slope Correction. Asphalt Shingles: The shingles weigh 2.5 lbs per square foot of surface area. We need to convert this to weight on a horizontal projected area, so the shingle weight becomes 2.5 psf times 1.2 or 3.0 psf. This includes the roofing felt that underlies the shingles

Enter a number, then click square root button. Percent button is used to find the percentage of a number. Enter the percentage amount, click the % button, then enter the number you want the percentage of, and then click equals. i.e. 20% 125 = 25 where 25 is 20% of 125. Note: The percent function will also work if you enter the number first and. Where γ is the total unit weight of the soil and γ' is the effective (or submerged) unit weight of the soil which equals the total unit weight of soil minus the unit weight of water (i.e. 62.4 pcf). Thus: σv' = 5(120) + 5(120-62.4) = 888 psf Calculating the Lateral Earth Pressur

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For example, a rise of 15 meters per 100 meters of horizontal movement corresponds to a slope of 0.15 or 15%. In this calculator we use the grade in percentage, which is determined as. where Δh is the rise of the slope and d is the projection of the slope path to horizontal (see picture) The least possible slope should be used whenever possible. The maximum allowable slope in any new construction is 1:12 with a maximum rise of 30 (76.2 cm) without a landing. A ramp with a slope between 1:12 and 1:16 can have a maximum horizontal length of 30' (9.14 m) without a landing Related: 3 Powerful Calorie Deficit Tweaks To Lose More Weight Calories In. Most people choose to eat less to increase the calorie deficit. However, this is a slippery slope! When you consistently under-eat, your metabolism slows down.And that makes it harder to lose weight.. Instead, you need to create a calorie deficit while eating enough to feed your metabolism for sustainable weight loss

Example number 60 metres. Step 2: Work out the rise length. This is the vertical length going up. Example number 12 metres. Step 3: Divide the rise length by the run length, in a calculator this would be 12 ÷ 60. This would equal a gradient slope of 0.2 which is 20% (multiply by 100 if you need to) Given TA of and Borate of : Add by weight or by volume of washing soda or soda ash. or add by weight or by volume of borax. Add of. 15.7% - 10° Baumé 28.3% - 18° Baumé 31.45% - 20° Baumé 34.6% - 22° Baumé 14.5% 29%. muriatic acid. or add by weight or by volume of dry acid. Note: pH calculations depend on TA and Borate

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All values for the calculation need to be in SI-units . First, speed and slope needs to be converted into SI units. vm/s = vkm/h 3.6 v m / s = v k m / h 3.6. slopedecimal =k = slope% 100 s l o p e d e c i m a l = k = s l o p e % 100. The necessary power to overcome air resistance and rolling resistance can be calculated using the following. Rise, Run, and Slope Roof Calculator. This roofing calculator is designed to calculate the Run, Rise and Slope of a roof. A roof without a rise or slope is a flat roof (also known as a pitched roof) though flat roofs typically still have a rise to allow the flow of rainwater away from the main building towards attached guttering Commercial Properties - Meeting ADA standards; First, note that the slope is always 4.8 degrees when using this option. Based on the measurement you provide for the ramp rise (i.e. the total height of the steps), the ramp calculator works out the distances for the ramp length and run

Weight loss Comment/Request Calculator pretty useful for a rough estimate. [7] 2021/06/13 08:57 Male / 60 years old level or over / An engineer / - / Purpose of use I would like a response to my idea of starting by walking and increase the effort gradually to try and hold the heartrate to 75 to 85 percent of max heartrate. I'm 63 yo a. Using This Calculator. Use this calculator to determine the statistical strength of relationships between two sets of numbers. Click on the Add More link to add more numbers to the sample dataset. The co-efficient will range between -1 and +1 with positive correlations increasing the value & negative correlations decreasing the value Convert between weight and volume using this calculator tool. As explained in the article how to convert from volume to weight, to convert between weight and volume accurately, you need to know the density of the substance that you are trying to convert. A list of approximations is available. Please enter a density figure, select a unit to.

You can calculate the weight of snow on a roof using the following formula: Weight of snow = length of roof x width of roof / degree of slope x snow load. You will therefore need certain precise information on hand before performing your calculation. You will then be able to replace the variables with precise data concerning your roof This calculator is designed to give the approximate distance that you can expect from each club in your bag, based on the input values given. While this is only approximate, it has been tested by a large cross section of golfers and acclaimed as accurate. Several manufacturers have also tested it and agree that it is extremely accurate Introduction This calculator determines the extent of a flow slide of liquefied mill tailings. Such liquefaction is typically caused from an earthquake occuring near a tailings dam (for a stability analysis of tailings dams under seismic loads, see also the Slope Stability Calculator) . The calculator uses a two-dimensional approach described in [Jeyapalan 1982] To accurately calculate the area of your roof, you must first determine its slope, or pitch. A roof's pitch is determined by how much it rises vertically for every foot it runs horizontally. Thus, a moderate 6 in 12 roof pitch means that the roof rises 6 inches vertically for every 12 horizontal inches it runs

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  1. This calculator takes into account usage of Butler Creek scope covers as well as the scope mount for traditional bolt rifles. Set to 0 if using AR-style full rail i.e. Larue OBR, DTA SRS. Also if you have a tapered barrel, add that additional height gain as well. A 20 MOA cant of 6 inches between the front of your scope and mount can reduce.
  2. 6442 2021-02-01T15:22:37+00:00 Slope and Y-Intercept Calculator The Slope Calculator (from points) an online tool which shows Slope (from points) for the given input
  3. ed slope. Some methods are used to calculate the slope stability. e.g., slip circle method. In silos, it is more beneficial to calculate with proper accuracy

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Perceptron's Decision Boundary Plotted on a 2D plane. A perceptron is a classifier.You give it some inputs, and it spits out one of two possible outputs, or classes.Because it only outputs a 1. Calculate volume of Copper ore per weight, it weighs 2 265 kg/m³ (141.39933 lb/ft³). Materials, substances and compounds weight to volume conversion 10) Calculate the average relative slope between each point (slope x + slope x+1)/2. Enter this in column 10 in the row between the points. 11) Calculate shaft deflection resulting from the average slope by multiplying the slope by the x value in the following row . This is entered in column 11 in the same row as the average slope Our roof rafter calculator tools are handy for calculating the number of rafters needed, rafter length calculator, lineal feet of rafter, board feed in ridge and sub-facia,and the total board feet in the roof. Rise and Run means that a 6/12 pitch roof has 6 of rise (vertical) for each foot of run (horizontal). Roof Pitch Calculator

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The tangential driving force is parallel to the base of the slope and, in cases where no external or dynamic loads act on the slice, it is equal to the tangent component of the weight W (see Figure 3). where a is the inclination of the slice's base. Step 7: Calculate the Fo If the lane slope has a typical -2.0% cross slope, then it should be entered in as -2.0 in the lane slope box. Note that this calculator is limited to normal crowns and applies the slope entered symmetrically about the centerline of roadway. The slopes for the inslope and fill slope follow the format typical for ditch grading 1(V):X(H.

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The weight optimization for b0 and b1 is almost the same, except in b1 we multiply it with x, just like we do in linear regression. Recall in the last paragraph I said that we update the values of weight and slope in each iteration so, in the first iteration b0=0,b1=0 and learning rate will be 0.01 Using a tape measure, make a pencil mark 12 inches from the end of a carpenter's level. Then, you'll be able to measure slope from an unfinished attic space under the roof. Simply locate a roof rafter board, place the end of the level against the bottom edge and measure from the 12-inch mark vertically to the bottom edge of the rafter

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