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Let's look at what you'll need to make a helmet. Here is a list of supplies to make the basic helmet: - Cardboard (1-8.5x11, 2-10x16 pieces) Regular corrugated cardboard, or cereal box type chip board. - Sharp Utility or Craft Knife - Cutting Pad or Work Surface ( * Please don't cut out cardboard on your mom's kitchen table! * ) - Hot Glue. Subscribe Now:http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=EHowArtsandCraftsWatch More:http://www.youtube.com/EHowArtsandCraftsMaking a tin foil helme..

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Scout around your house and find an object that can be used to crease the cardboard (for example you could use the blunt tip of a butter knife). Once you find something, use your tool to create diagonal creases along the marks you made in the previous step. Use your ruler to keep your creases straight. Don't use too much or too little pressure To make the top of the helmet, the dome, I first make a cardboard ring and glue it into the top of the helmet. This will give the frame something to attach to. The dome frame is made from two interlocking cardboard semicircles and is then glued to the cardboard ring 1- Using the cutter cut of the back piece carefully. 2- Take a stripe (I took it from an old bag) cut off two pieces from it, and glue it with hot glue on the back of the helmet then attach the piece to it, so it can be openable This guide will teach you how to make a viking helmet out of nothing but duct tape and cardboard (and some other stuff). I made this for the Make to Learn contest so here are the questions: What did you make? I made a viking helmet! This is actually my second try at a viking helmet, the first one is the bottom picture #NFL #helmet #craftsIn this video i will show how to make nfl helemet at home !All you need is cardboard & glue !Thank You For WatchingPlease Like And Share..

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  1. Use tape to secure your cardboard strip in a circle that fits snugly around your child's head. Then cut two more strips of cardboard, taping them inside the circle and crossing in the middle (as seen in the picture below). Be sure these two strips sit high enough that your child's head can still fit inside the helmet
  2. For this post, I technically have my first guest blogger! My husband, Brian! He's recently been making props and helmets out of cardboard and hot glue and he's been having a lot of fun in the process. I told him he needed to do a tutorial for the blog and he agreed! Without further ado Hey everyone, my name is Brian
  3. The making process is easy to follow. 2. Easy DIY Space Helmet. I decided to include a couple of easy space helmets and difficult ones. This one right here is very easy to make, even the materials used can be easily gotten. If you are looking for one of those quick projects, here is one. 3. DIY Child's Space Helmet
  4. Create some papier-mache by mixing 2 cups of flour, 2 cups of water and 1 tbsp. of salt. Cut the newspaper into 1- to 2-inch wide strips. Dip the paper strips into the papier-mache solution and then lay over the entire helmet. Place an extra layer of paper over the top of the helmet where there is no cardboard

Crafteeo is an awesome Dad started idea about transforming cardboard into the coolest warrior helmets you've ever seen.Pretty awesome right?!Click through to see more! Article by Allison Waken. 279. Viking Party Medieval Party Medieval Crafts Projects For Kids Diy For Kids Crafts For Kids Festa Do Percy Jackson Carton Diy Diy Karton Step 8: Fold a piece of paper in half and cut out the pattern in this picture. This will be your template for the face area of the mask. Then cut out the pattern on cardboard. When you cut out the eye holes, save the pieces and use them for decoration later. Again, make the piece pliable Draw and cut out two dagger-shaped pieces of cardboard to create the side flaps. Wrap each in aluminum foil, and staple to either side of the helmet so they hang down on your cheeks. Advertisement Step 7 Draw and cut out a visor-shaped piece approximately half as big around as your main band. Cover it with tin foil, and staple the sides to the.

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Learn how to make a viking helmet out of cardboard!The template is in the facebook page!Instagram:https://www.instagram.com/radu_car/Facebook:https://www.fac.. Many helmets had camouflage coverings to help conceal soldiers from enemy observation. WWII helmets are fairly easy to obtain from the Internet, costume and antique shops. It is also possible to make your own from simple household items. Making your own helmet will take a few days, so allocate enough time for the paper mache to dry

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It's a fun DIY cardboard project to make for the kids (but yes there is also an adult size template too). The helmet visor is designed to drop down over the face as it pivots using a button rivet. You can paint it in Mike the Knight colours and pop a red feather on top or just leave it as it is, either way it's a great costume for Halloween. How to make a cardboard Viking/Anglo-Saxon Helmet and Shield. To make the helmet: You will need: Thin cardboard (e.g. cereal packet), Scissors, Pencil, A ruler, Glue and/or staples; Silver or grey paint, Brown paper or similar. Begin by cutting 3 strips of card approx. 3cm wide, one about 65cm long and two about 40cm long

We decided to make a larger nose guard out of thicker cardboard to add to our helmet. That's all there is to it when it comes to how to make a cardboard helmet for a costume. A homemade cardboard helmet will help transform any young boy (or girl) into their favorite character. It's the perfect addition to dress up clothes for pretend play Cut out the pieces. Score & bend the pieces on the marked lines. I found it best to start with the larger front, top pieces and work backwards. Step 3. Glue or tape the pieces together matching the numbers. Cover the finished paper helmet with fiberglass, wood glue or paper mache which ever one suits you best. Step 4 Jonni, paper-based anything and moisture do not go together well. I have had great success making cosplay helmets for my friends children using paper/fiber-based structures coated (smoothed) with a flexible and moisture resistant bathroom tile grout (a paste you can get at Home Depot) coated with Flex Seal, a spray-on rubber material Make sure the box is big enough to fit. Get two leather straps or nylon strings and attach them to your box - using staples or quick-drying glue—so that they can be worn over your shoulders, holding the box in the right place (over your chest and stomach). Make sure to measure them and cut them to the right length

Japanese artist Tomowo creates incredible Gundam helmets out of cardboard. The original Mobile Suit Gundam animated series were cut short due to lackluster toy sales but has seen a surge in popularity a year later after Tomino reworked the footage from the anime series into compilation movies, adding some new content Patterns and Templates. Here's our collection of how to make body forms and how to make patterns and templates for your props and costumes. Body forms can be made from simple materials like duct tape or sturdy materials like plaster.You can even make affordable molds from Alginate and cast a solid Hydrocal piece that will be your exact body part size The basic idea behind cycle helmets is to create a mini crumple zone - a bit like you'd find in a car - that absorbs some of the energy and gives your skull and brain more time to slow down before.

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Make a head band 1. Take a measuring tape and measure the size of your head. You might need an adult to help with this. 2. Now measure a strip of card the same size as your head and 5cm wide. If you don't have a large enough piece of card, stick two together. Cut the strip out. 3. Take your strip of card and bend it round to create a circle How To Make a Helmet - Step by Step Guide. William Demello is a professional biker and racer with over 10 years of experience. He believes in safety first, that's why he analyzes the helmet before other relevant elements. With this long experience, now he has decided to share his experience with others. Know more at the about page Whether it is a Roman helmet, Viking Helmet, Medieval Helmet or Science Fiction Helmet you want to make, paper mache (papier mache) is an excellent modelling material for armour. The main advantages of paper mache for armour is that the resulting helmet is easy to make using readily available materials, is safe for kids and [

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In the packet you will find patterns templates for a helmet and a visor. This is an eva foam template for a knight helmet. Simply print all pages glue and cut along lines. Holding the ends together remove the helmet from the wearers head and staple the ends to gether To the front of the hat, glue or paste on letter initials from the dollar store, or paper initials which you have cut out yourself, to spell out the name of a guest. Add a red crepe paper or yarn tassel to the top, and an under-chin band of yarn, string, ribbon or elastic. Make a cardboard cone to fit your head and fasten the edge with Scotch tape How to Make a Spartan Helmet out of Cardboard. Spartan helmets were worn by the Spartan warriors to protect them from a foe's savage blows and to intimidate their enemies. You can make a cardboard replica of a Spartan helmet so your child can re-enact famous battles or to add to your costume for a party

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Support Will: \r\rThis is a tutorial on how to make a Knight Helmet out of craft foam. Easy and fun project and I give you the template which makes it very easy for you. You just need a few basic supplies including craft foam, a sheet of posterboard, and a sheet of foamboard or cardboard.\r\rThe web tutorial and template are on my website right here:\r\r\rI also have a playlist with all the. All CBeebies House CBeebies House - Space Helmet Make Get ready to explore the CBeebies universe and make your own space helmet

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  1. Keeping the paper folded in half, cut .25 inches (0.64 cm) slits into the curved edge. The slits should look like lines cut into the paper, not pieces cut out. Space the slits about .5 inches (1.3 cm) apart along the entirety of that outer curved edge. Make sure to only cut along the open curved edge. Do not cut into the stem or the folded spine
  2. To make samurai armor, take a t-shirt, tuck the sleeves in, place it on a sheet of cardboard, and trace out the shape. After you've cut out the shape, divide it into eight segments by drawing seven lines across the cardboard, then cut them out and number them F1 to F8 for front plates
  3. Cardboard boxes are a great thing to have. They help you store items, transport them across distances, and at the end, when you don't need them anymore, they can be recycled into great crafty projects. Today we are going to show you how to build a football helmet out of a cardboard box
  4. To make a Viking helmet you will need; a balloon. newspaper. gold paper. clear glue. glue brush. scissors. gold cardboard. Blow up the balloon and sit it on a bowl to keep it still. Tear up newspaper into strips. Glue the strips covering the balloon from the top until it starts to get too narrow to fit on your head
  5. Paper Mache helmets and hats are a really easy and fun project to make. Things you need to make a paper mache Helmet. Paper mache (wall paper paste and news paper). Strong balloon (about the size of your child's head). Some way of supporting the balloons. You can suspend them from a string. We used old boxes and the sand and water table to.
  6. Kranium is a bike helmet that is made from the same cardboard used for the boxes you find at the supermarket. This material, along with some clever construction, turns out to be a lot better at.
  7. Well, there's a better way to make a helmet and you won't believe how simple it is. This week on Tested, the process-crazed crew is joined by armor maker extraordinaire Evil Ted Smith , for a breakdown on how to easily build the base for your very own, pro-level cosplay helmets

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Step 3: Next you need to seek out a space outdoors to do your painting.If you are sensitive to fumes make sure to wear a mask or tie a bandana over your mouth & nose, goggles aren't a bad idea either. Lay out a large piece of paper or cardboard to collect excess paint and place your newly liberated helmet shell right side up onto the spray cover Roll a piece of cardboard into the shape of a gun barrel. Decide the length of the gun you need. Cut a piece of cardboard to the appropriate length. Roll it into the shape of a barrel and tape it. Glue it onto the turret. Make your own tank treads. Use three pencils as axles. Cut wholes in the box and put them in and then glue a wheel on each end And, after making sure we keep summer simple, I'm still putting together some posts about it all! These Paper Bag Space Helmets are a simple activity I've always loved doing with kids. A while back we made them at Big Brother's Outer Space Birthday Party , but I also made them with preschoolers years ago in my early days of teaching To make a piñata, start by making a paper mache paste with flour, water, and salt. Then, cut out some paper mache strips using old newspapers. Once you have your paper mache paste and strips, inflate a balloon and cover it with the strips of paper using the paste

Step 1: Cut a crown shape out of construction paper, tagboard, or craft foam. (Make sure it's wide enough to fit around your head. If you don't have a big enough piece, try gluing or taping 2 pieces together.) Step 2: Decorate the crown with chenille stems, fancy poms, and faux gems. For extra sparkle, use metallic stems and poms How-To. Crumple newspaper into a ball and then tape it together. Cut two ear shapes out of your recycled cardboard to match the head. Cover the ears with tape, and then tape them onto your ball. Repeat these steps to make different animal heads. To make the paper mache mixture, stir together one part flour with two parts water 1. Paper Mache Moon VIEW IN GALLERY. The night sky can be a source of wonder and mystery for our little ones. If you are constantly facing the questions about the moon, sun and the stars, encourage your child to make a paper mache moon and let that be the gateway into learning about the universe How to Build a Cardboard Dollhouse. You will need cardboard or foam board, a craft knife, a hot glue gun, and a glue stick. Following the house plan included in the pack, draw the parts out on cardboard. Cut them out with a craft knife, then hot glue all the pieces together. Using a glue stick, glue on the windows, doors, and roof shingles This helmet needs to be sturdy! Then, after the paper mache has dried, pop the balloon. (Warning: If the paper mache is not fully dry, the helmet will cave-in with the popped balloon!) Next, cut the bottom of the paper mache evenly, to a level that can fit easily over the child's head. Now cut out two eye holes so that your junior astronaut can.

I thought of the idea to make a milk jug football helmet for an indoor tailgate party. I looked at all of the details of the official NFL helmets and created my decorative version. I like the way that it turned out it resembles a cross between the old school leather helmets of the early NFL years and the current helmet we know today Loki's Helmet DIY. Cutting Horns parts. Cut 2 curved pieces of cardboard along with 2 triangular ones as shown below. Fold the triangular pieces to make it curved. Pasting Horn shape. Paste the folded triangular piece onto edges of curved piece using scotch tape or masking tape. Two horns ready. Likewise prepare 2 such horns shape

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Draw out 3d elements onto the foam sheets. For the pig nose, cut out an oval then a rectangle 2 wide and the length of the circumference of the oval. Cut the 3d pieces out of the foam core. Use hot glue to attach the 3d elements together. Adhere the smaller vinyl design details in place. Hot glue the 3d elements onto the helmet in place Make a Spartan Helmet Make this helmet out of paper mache and cardboard. Complete instructions and video, along with a download of the template The Spartan Helmet . Make 300 Spartan Vambraces (armguards) A tutorial on how to make paper mache and cardboard vambraces that fit well and look good. Just like the ones in the movie 300 Download the horn template and print on paper. Cut out and use to make two cardboard horns. Paint each side with two to three coats of cream paint. When dry, cut two slits in the side of the helmet and slot the horns inside. Add a little glue to hold them in place

Resizing by Riding in the Rain. There are two common and relatively easy ways to stretch or modify a pair of motorcycle gloves to fit better. The first way is to use some pretty old, cheap and proven technology — soak the gloves in water for about 10-15 minutes and then ride with them until they are dry This is a tutorial on how to make the Iron helmet from Skyrim. It is a paper mache project and it is pretty strong because it has a cardboard frame underneath. To make the cardboard frame I have the pdf templates you can download right here: The Skyrim Iron Helmet . I also have a video tutorial on how to make this helmet Your guest of honor can make a wish from underneath this festive party hat. The easy-to-assemble, adjustable hat offers a one-size-fits-all celebration. The paper football helmet is made from 14 pt high density white posterboard that's liquid laminated for a glossy sheen

Make Your Own Helmet! In the packet you will find patterns (templates) for a helmet and a visor. These were made on 11 x 17 paper so that they could be reproduced on a copy machine and used as patterns to be cut out and traced onto tougher material such as card stock or tag board. Construction paper is practical, but less desirable for. Extra Credit: If you really want to make the other knights jealous, add papier-mâché and paint. Make papier-mâché by mixing 2 parts glue with 1 part water. Rip up small strips of brown paper bag, no wider than 1.5. Apply over taped-edges and all tape, smooth it out and overlap the wet strips of papier-mâché as you go EcoHelmet is an inexpensive folding helmet that can be purchased onsite and recycled when at the end of the ride. Constructed from waterproofed recycled paper in a radial honeycomb pattern, EcoHelmet absorbs blows from any direction as effectively as traditional polystyrene. It folds flat for easy vending and fits most head sizes To make a crepe paper crest, cut out a rectangular piece out of red crepe paper. Mine is around 6 x 5 inches. Cut evenly-spaced slits starting from one long side and stopping about 1 to 1½ inches from the opposite side. Continue until you've cut slits along the entire length of the crepe paper. Hold the crepe paper on one corner of the uncut edge

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I have created patterns using clay, foam, cardboard, plastic, metal, wood, and sand. Release agents I have used include wax, plastic wrap, waxed paper, and paint. Anything that will let you pry that cured fiberglass shell off your pattern can be used. Or, you can simply cut and grind the pattern out from the inside of the cured shell The kids will have a blast making these Printable Roman Helmets and reenacting that time as they study the history of the era. These helmets also make a great starting point for a fun Halloween costume. Supplies. A4 or Letter size printable cardstock Crayons or any water-based paint (e.g. poster paint, tempera, acrylic paint) Scissors Glu So to start I would prefer to line out my interpretation of a Custom Motorcycle Helmet: cus·tom (k s t m) 1. Made to order. 2. Specializing in the making or selling of made-to-order goods: a custom tailor. Motorcycle helmet : A motorcycle helmet is a type of protective headgear used by motorcycle riders. The primary goal of a motorcycle helmet. Newspaper helmets are cheap and easy to make. It begins with making a classic paper hat from two or three pieces of newspaper. Fold the top corners inward to the center of the paper so that it resembles a triangle in shape. Fold up the bottom edges of the paper hat twice. Insert your hand into the bottom and spread the 'hat' apart

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Go ahead and put your first coat of paint on the helmet, but make sure you let it dry. You can apply one more coat, to be safe, and once that's dry, you can remove the paper from your designs, cover the rest of the helmet, and then paint your designs. The paper will make sure that different areas stay different colors. YouTube From there, he cut out pieces of the front breast plate, arms, legs, and helmet. Each body part was made up of several smaller pieces, which allowed for more movement in the suit. Because just like its 15th-century inspiration, cardboard doesn't have a lot of give to it—too much bending would cause the joints to break This is a fun and easy project that comes out looking good. Even if you don't have a lot of crafting skill you can easily make this project. And I give you the template which makes it even easier for you. The template is here . This is one of a series of craft foam armor projects I have where I make a complete suit of armor

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Making your arming cap: For most of the time, the tutorials from the internet are quite technical and lengthy, so my version of this guide will be a more straightforward method. A) First off, get the template from 2) and print it out, A4 size. B) Measure the circumference from your forehead to the back of your neck, in this diagram After you get your helmet, you're well on your way to making a Daft Punk Helmet! 2. Mask Files from Luchofunk found at this site - You can print them off on sheets of card stock (described below) to be attached to the front of the helmet. You won't need the ear shapes because we will use a coke can for the ears 62 Custom Chevy C10 Pickup Papercraft. Paperized . Paperized Cars . Vehicles. I really like how this one turned out, I tried to make this low as possible and I have to say the stance looks cool. The only speed bump I got is its color, after messing around with the CMYK color codes I did eventually get the color I want for this custom truck 1. Paint a paper plate red, and allow to dry: 2. While plate is drying, cut a crest shape out of yellow constructon paper. Draw an F and D on the crest with a black marker: 3. Once paper plate is dry, make a U shaped cut in the inner portion of the paper plate. Size the cut to fit your preschooler or toddler's head Get ready to explore the CBeebies universe and make your own space helmet! Cardboard box Bottle tops 2 paper plates Kitchen foil Coloured paper or card Sticky tape.

If you're crafty, you can really make a paper mache helmet of your own and a cardboard backpack. Ok, she didn't really make this for a Among Us outfit, but you can make a space helmet from. Make a Gun Shield . It is a shield and it is a gun. I spotted this peculiar weapon in a museum and thought it would be fun to make. I show you how. And it really shoots (gumballs) Make a Gun Shield . Make a Viking Shield. You can make this with foamboard or cardboard. Either way it comes out graet and is double layered for strength Kids will love helping out with this papier mache space helmet as they can get their hands really messy with the paste. To make the helmet sturdy you do needs quite a few layers of paper mache which takes time to dry Paper your helmet. Cut cotton gauze into strips about a foot long. Dip the strips into your paper-mache paste, then lay each strip over the balloon. Cover the entire balloon, and be sure to entirely surround the base of your plumes or feathers. Make the paper-mache helmet about six gauze-layers thick

How to Make a Power Ranger Helmet: Easy Methods. William Demello is a professional biker and racer with over 10 years of experience. He believes in safety first, that's why he analyzes the helmet before other relevant elements. With this long experience, now he has decided to share his experience with others. Know more at the about page Print the pattern, attach it to cardboard, and cut out the pieces. Tape the pieces together and add Styrofoam eyes and a foil mane. Add paper mache or paper mache clay (I used both). Paint the spots. When the paint is dry you can add false eyelashes, if you want. The first few pieces you'll tape together are a little tricky, so be sure to. Cut out the foam around the speakers. Clean the pocket area with a clean cloth and rub it with alcohol. This helps to prepare the space for mounting the speakers. Peel back the paper out of the Velcro backing of the speakers and press it to the place where you have cut out the foam. Make sure that the speaker moves with the microphone Helmets are a type of armor that covers the head of the player. There are seven types of helmets: leather cap, chainmail helmet, iron helmet, diamond helmet, gold helmet, netherite helmet, and turtle shell. 1 Obtaining 1.1 Crafting 1.2 Upgrading 1.3 Repairing 1.3.1 Grinding 1.3.2 Unit repair 1.4 Mob loot 1.5 Natural generation 1.6 Chest loot 1.7 Trading 2 Usage 2.1 Defense points 2.2 Knockback. There are three main ways to make the helmet. You can look for a used motorcycle helmet at a thrift store and paint in pink, you can wear a pink hood and paint your face pink with a black visor, or you can make a helmet out of paper mache. Making the helmet out of paper mache can be a fun art project

For the episode, posted Monday, McLean uses such simple materials as a baseball helmet, safety goggles, cardboard, duct tape, white primer and colored markers, bendy straws and black spray paint. Drag the individual pieces around to make sure they fit right on the paper. Sometimes the pieces are just too big to fit on one sheet of paper and that's ok. You will just have to tape the parts together before gluing your model together. Under the 2D Menu Tab: Make sure you check mark (turn on) Show Flaps Enabled and Show Edge ID For example, if you want to make a pinata that looks like a fish, start with a large balloon for the round body part of the fish and then cut a tail and fin shapes out of lightweight cardboard. You can wrap the cardboard with newspaper to give it a little more body and shape. Then, attach the fins and tail to the fish using masking tape

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  1. Sure, you could buy a fancy replica of Iron Man's gauntlet from Avengers: Endgame, or you could watch this video and make your own out of cardboard
  2. While you can certainly make yogurt with low-fat or nondairy milk, nothing beats whole milk for making it rich and creamy. Get the freshest, best-quality whole milk you can find. (Tip: Check out.
  3. The ancient Chinese made helmets from papier mache during the Han Dynasty (202 BC to 220 AD). These helmets were fortified with many layers of lacquer. Evidence of papier mache use was found in ancient Tibet, where they made highly decorative masks. In Japan, papier mache was used to make armor
  4. The boys ripped newspaper into strips for paper mache helmets. We stirred water into a pile of flour until it was a good, gloppy consistency. fight them out of the goop. They hardened for a few days, and then we popped the balloons. I cut them to fit their heads and painted them with white latex interior paint
  5. For Standard helmets, spray a little of your metallic spray paint into a container so you can dip into it with a brush, then, using a paper towel, rub off most of the paint from the brush before you lightly 'dry brush' the silver onto those few select corners and edges to make them stand out. For cold cast helmets, a little silver Rub 'n.
  6. We have shared several fun craft ideas already. You can make Blue's Clues Drum, Plankton's Paper Roll Craft, Skye's Flight Goggles, Jellyfish Umbrella, Marshall's Cubee Craft, and Paw Patrol Rescue Vest with your child. Crafting is a great bonding experience and they are perfect to do when you are stuck inside. Check out our newest.
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  1. Introduction Paper is a wonderfully versatile material with a long history that can be traced to AD 105, when a Chinese Emperors official attached to the imperial court, Ts'ai Lun created a sheet of paper using hemp waste, mulberry and other materials. With the complete history of paper now out of the way I ca
  2. How to Make an Astronaut Costume - Make a homemade astronaut Halloween costume from a white jump suit, card board box, white paint, white motorcycle helmet, white boots and white gloves. How to Make Easy, Nifty Halloween Costumes : Ideas Aplenty, From FamilyFun Magazine; Make Or Buy Them - Find out how to make an easy and very cool astronaut.
  3. A 16 page comic in .pdf format with a story of lost helmets solved by Captain Super Safe. If printed out in black and white it would make a good coloring book. Melon drop demo: Django's Science Experiment site. Traffic signs for setting up playground courses. Why kids don't like to wear helmets. Persuading your kids to wear helmets
  4. Cardboard — this material is ideal for square objects like jewelry boxes and planters. You can also make an intricate frame using cardboard to make sculptures and pinatas. Chicken Wire — create large scale projects like lamp bases or lanterns using flexible wire. Eggs — can help create the base of small dolls and other objects
  5. Here is how to pulp the old paper together with water, spread it out, and allow it to dry: Tear the paper (feel free to mix different types) into small bits and put the pieces into a blender. Fill the blender about 2/3 full with warm water. Pulse the blender until the pulp is smooth. If you are going to write on the paper, blend in 2 teaspoons.
  6. Creating a cardboard hand with moving parts that can be manipulated in this fashion simply makes you think and come to realize just how much value your hands have and why they shouldn't be taken.
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Paper Cup Angels - Find out how you can make a beautiful angel out of a paper cup and a Styrofoam ball. Paper Cup Baskets - Learn how to make a paper cup basket. Paper Cup Bats - Make a bat Halloween decoration from a paper cup, polystyrene ball, black paint, glue, wiggle eyes, black craft foam and white puff paint Print out the template and tape together the different pages until it creates all of the pieces. Cut out each piece. You should end up with 5 pattern pieces for the LEGO Batman helmet. Trace the Template Pieces. Place the pattern pieces on the foam and trace them out. Templates #3 and #4 are pretty big pieces so make sure to trace them first Install a Hulk mask for your helmet. By Robin Mansur. 6/23/08 10:49 AM. WonderHowTo. Learn how to apply the Hulk Aggressive Rider Skull Skin, a Hulk mask, to your motorcycle helmet. The mask is a sticker that is easy to apply to your helmet. Video Loading Step 2: Begin by tracing the large circle on the white paper and cut it out. Repeat on the navy and red paper. Step 3: Next, trace the face template on the tan paper, and cut it out. Cut a small half-circle shape from the same paper for Ben's collarbone. Step 4: Trace and cut out Ben's hair from the black paper. Step 5: Cut a strip from the. If the sensation shifts from warm to hot, immediately take the candle out of your ear. Have your partner trim the burnt, blackened ends of the candle about every 2 inches because, as it burns down, the tube stays somewhat in tact. The portions of the ear candle that have already burned down remain attached as a charred, fragile paper tube This could so discourage their use that old helmets will become virtually extinct, experts in the matter said this week. There has been a growing concern that we make some sort of a policy to.