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  1. The Trimble® GCS900 Grade Control System with automatic blade control maximizes motor grader performance. Whether grading simple pads and slopes or complex design surfaces and alignments the operator can get to grade at high speeds, without sacrificing grade control accuracy or quality of the final graded surface. Trimble Grade Control System
  2. imize material usage, and lower operating costs. Fine grade with greater accuracy and control with AccuGrade technology solutions for motor graders. AccuGrade begins with the basic cross slope system
  3. imize material usage, and lower operating costs. Fine grade with greater accuracy and control with AccuGrade technology solutions for motor graders. AccuGrade begins with the basic cross slope system
  4. machine, and attachment control levers during machine roading. This prevents implements from being accidentally engaged when the motor grader is travelling down the road. 6 Hydraulics Balanced hydraulics deliver consistent, precise and responsive control. 1 Lock valve, 2 Line relief valve, 3 Blade float deten
  5. MOTOR GRADER SET TO CUT BANKS • h·ame. Move the center shift to the right as the left side of the circle is lowered and the right side is raised. Continue to operate the controls until the desired position is reached. The blade should be set for cutting action, and the front wheels may be leaned as required to hold the machine against the load
  6. Now, this same 3D-MC 2 technology is available for motor graders. Adding 3D-MC to a motor grader allows the control system to immediately sense any changes in the cutting edge position and instantly make corrections, providing superior stability and smoothness when finish grading at five times the speed

Electronic Throttle Control.Electronic Throttle Control (ETC) provides the operator with easy, precise, and consistent throttle operation. An automatic and manual mode on a single switch offers flexibility for different applications andoperator preferences. 6 The 14M sets the new standard for motor grader operational efficiency. motor-grader with the operator. Typically, the training will consist of 2 operators in the morning and 2 operators in the afternoon. This can be customized to the county. Most instruction is given on crown (using a slope meter or automatics), slopes, drainage, pulling shoulders, retrieving gravel, washboards, grading speed and gravel quality The Motor Grader Operator's Training Manual developed by Michigan LTAP is used in motor grader training throughout Michigan each year. In addition to gravel road maintenance, the manual covers parts of the road, dust and erosion control, and safety procedures

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  1. MOTOR GRADER Tandem drive 115 Horsepower Standard No. 12 Motor Grader is equipped with 13:00-24 drive tires, 9:00-25 front tires, and 12 ft. blade. Cab, hot water heater, windshield wiper and defroster available at extra cost. Mechanically operated scarifier, V type or straight, available at extra cost. Hydraulic steering booster and.
  2. Automatic blade control Bulldozer Differential lock-unlock 22-ft. (6.71 m) turning radius All-hydraulic control of blade and machine functions I r r I I I I I Closed-center hydraulic system with no-leak, drift-free poppet valves Push-button control Hydraulically controlled, 7-position lift arms let you position blade for 90-degree ban~ cuts
  3. Motor Grader. 2 140H Motor Grader The 140H blends productivity and durability to give you the best return on your investment. Low effort blade controls, electronic throttle control, EMS III monitoring system, and improved ventilation provide world-class operator control and comfort. Improved visibility t
  4. Learn about the basic operation of the motor grader controls unique to machines that have Cat Grade Control. This includes setting cross slopes, adjusting pe..

CATERPILLAR Motor Graders Parts Catalogs, Service (workshop) Manuals, Operation and Maintenance Manuals in PDF format. Very important remark: The CAT equipment prefix (first three figures and numbers in serial number) is absolutely necessary information for correct engine identification. But your additional information (full serial number, arrangement number, where the engine is installed etc. Implement control valves are designed and built by Caterpillar specifically for motor graders. They provide outstanding operator feel and predictable system response for unmatched implement control. To help maintain exact blade settings, lock valves are built into all control valves. Line relief valves are also incorporate 2 120 MOTOR GRADER GRADING THE ROAD AHEAD The new Cat 120 motor grader off ers you total machine options including technology, controls, and cab to power through any job with the utmost performance. + UP TO 15 PERCENT INCREASED FUEL ECONOMY WITH THE C7.1 ENGINE + NEXT GENERATION CAB OPTIONS FOR MAXIMUM COMFOR grader by 121' (305 mm). Wide padded arm rests for operator comfort (on optional suspension seat). Tilt-head pedestal with pedal-controlled fore & aft movement. Short-throw, low-effort control levers in industry-accepted spacing and sequencing. Moveable Blade Control System (shown) optional; fixed point high-lift standard CHRMPION Double-lapped.

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  1. Adding a grade-control system is quick and easy. GP models are factory equipped to accommodate your favorite system, with Topcon, Trimble, and now Leica as available choices. Precision mode — standard on all six-wheel-drive motor graders — reduces speed without having to use the inching pedal. Working in tight spaces, aroun
  2. FIXED AUDIO ISSUE - In this tutorial, we will go over the basics of the controls, blade maneuvering and driving in a Motor Grader. Have a question/comment? F..
  3. Motor Grader. www.hbm-nobas.de BG 240 T-5 (6 x 4) BG 240 TA-5 (6 x 6) Drivers cab tiltable for easy service The BG 240 is one of the most power- The control valves of the working hydraulics may be actuated at a time and independent of each other. The load-sensing pump (axia
  4. BIG GRADER FEATURES IN A SMALL PACKAGE STANDARD EQUIPMENT OPTIONAL EQUIPMENT Horn, electric Hydraulic valve 8 section Implement control lever lock Light package Front headlights (2) hi/lo beam Front worklights (2) Turn signals, stop and tail lights Master electrical switch Mechanical parking brak
  5. the motor grader than competitive joystick controls. AT YOUR COMMAND Eight armrest-mounted, fingertip-actuated controls, including lever steer, are arranged in the industry-standard pattern on each side of the standard steering wheel. No extra levers are required for grade control. Instead, knob-integrated push buttons provid
  6. ga-s-503l ggaalliioonn service manual 503-l motor grader this is a manual produced byjensales inc.without the authorization of galion or it's successors.galion and it's successors are not responsible for the quality or accuracy of this manual
  7. John Deere Motor Graders 670G, 670GP, 672G, and 672GP Operator's Manual (OMT237774) OMT237774 - John Deere 670G, 670GP, 672G, and 672GP Motor Graders Operator Manual.pdf. Total Pages: 633 pages File Format: PDF (bookmarked, ToC, Searchable, Printable, high quality) Language: English. MAIN SECTIONS Foreword IMPORTANT Manual Identification—READ.

Caterpillar 12h 140h 160h Motor Grader Na Version Electrical System Schematic PDF from Caterpillar presented for you in electronic format page size 1224 x 792 pts (rotated 0 degrees). This manual can be viewed on any computer, as well as zoomed and printed, makes it easy to diagnose and repair problems with your machines electrical system Low Profile Cab reduces height of grader by 12' (305 mm). Wide padded arm rests for operator comfort (on optional suspension seat). Tilt-head pedestal with pedal-controlled fore & aft movement. Short-throw, low-effort control levers in industry-accepted spacing and sequencing. Moveable Blade Control System (shown) optional KENR9558 - Schematic (12G, 14G, 16G, 120G, 130G &140G Motor Grader Electrical System) (SN 61M1-12026, 96U1-7045, 93U1-2678, 87V1-8359, 74V1-2320 & 72V1-10333)) REG01471 - Systems Operation (16G Motor Graders Air System & Brakes).pdf REG01471 - Testing & Adjusting (16G Motor Graders Air System & Brakes).pdf REG01499 - Specifications (12G & 14G. Automatic Controls . JOHN DEERE 770 Motor Grader repair manual & Technical manual is in pdf format so it will work with computers including WIN, MAC etc.You can Easily view, Navigate, print, Zoom in/out as per your requirements. We accept Paypal and All Credit Cards design model, complete automatic control is there to use. With 3D motor grader GPS+ control, you'll eliminate over cutting and control material usage saving you time and money. With these systems the operator is really in control. Slope, elevation, speed and efficient. Same reference, same software 3D GPS+ gives you the flexibility to use.

Electro hydraulic controls for the motor graders have been available on the Nordic market for many years, the largest supplier is Veekmas. In 2008 Caterpillar presented a new grader; the M-series where an electro hydraulic joystick is a standard feature. One year later John Deere introduced a new series with joystick 3d mmGPS control - the system that grows as you grow 3D mmGPS control ties in with Topcon's 2D and 3D control systems. All Topcon machine control solutions are back and forth upgradeable. All motor grader control systems, laser - sonic - GPS+ - mmGPS - LPS, are part of a modular system. It's just a matter of swapping reference.

end-userlicenseagreement important,readcarefully.thisenduserlicense agreement(agreement)isalegalagreement betweenyouandcaterpillartrimblecontro Version12.70 RevisionA PartNumber93932-01-ENG April2015 Operator'sManual Trimble®GCS900GradeControlSystemfor MotorGraders 1 Caterpillar G Series Motor Grader Transmissions and Transmission Controls W. W. Blake and J. M. Gorrell Caterpillar Tractor Co. A decision was made to redesign the motor grader line to incorporate articulation and hydraulic implements. Fig. 1 shows the new models with their horsepower, weight, and length. Fig. 2 shows a photograph of the.

ga-o-118 grdr ggaalliioonn operator's manual 118 motor grader s/n md14401 to md22346 this is a manual produced byjensales inc.without the authorization of galion or it's successors.galion and it's successors are not responsible for the quality or accuracy of this manual Tractorparts.com : General Gear - We carry Used, New.

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The M Series Motor Grader represents a revolution in operational efficiency and overall productivity. The 16M is designed to help you build and maintain the haul roads needed to support maximum efficiency in mining operations. The 16M has set a new standard of quality to maximize your return on investment. 3. Open the catalog to page 3 872G MOTOR GRADER with 6WD 872G Standard Equipment VEHICLE COOLING: Swing-Out, Cool-On-Demand, Hydraulic Fan (32 In.) Enclosed Engine Fan and Fan Drive Guarding * Fingertip controls with industry standard control pattern * Automated Cross Slope control * Integrated grade control (Contact TOPCON, Trimble, or Leica for ful G740BVOLVO MOTOR GRADER TAND EM DRIVE. Differential / Final drive Transmission Engine data (continued) Tandems Engine data Brakes Productivity (Standard equipment) All controls are located in a 90° arc forward and to the right of the operator. Enclosed cab has a fully adjustable, cloth covere

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GRADER TRAINING DISPLAY SETTINGS Field Reference Guide SITECH TECHNOLOGY DEALER GCS900 Grader Training Display Settings Version: 13.1 The Control Box must be in Manager's Mode 1. Press Menu 2. Select GNSS Accuracyand Press OK 3. Press and Hold F6 and Press F2 Medium Mode 4 672G MOTOR GRADER with 6WD 672G Standard Equipment VEHICLE COOLING: Swing-Out, Cool-On-Demand, Hydraulic Fan (32 In.) Enclosed Engine Fan and Fan Drive Guarding * Fingertip controls with industry standard control pattern * Automated Cross Slope control * Integrated grade control (Contact TOPCON, Trimble, or Leica for ful The Trimble® Earthworks Grade Control Platform for motor graders helps operators of all levels leave a quality surface in their tracks. This latest release in the Earthworks family is more than future forward. It's fast forward. The next generation system with a familiar Android™ UI, and friendly 10-inch touc

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3-D systems—With a 3-D grade control system, the job's design elevations are input into the crawler dozer's or motor grader's control box. A receiver on the machine reads the GPS signals received by an elevated antenna, as well as correctional data transmitted by a jobsite-based station to calculate an accurate, cutting-edge position CONTROL Dozers Graders Dual control system that controls both the lift and tilt of the machine blade for flat, slopework and finished grading Laser 2 Laser receivers -or-Laser receiver Slope sensor Control box CROSS-SLOPE CONTROL Dozers Graders Cross-slope control system to be used on motor graders for fine grading work for road maintenance. control of the engine operation to achieve optimal energy ef-ficiency. The Perfect Fit for the Jobsite Efficient Large Size Grader DASH 5 SERIES MOTOR GRADERS Fuel consumption maximum 5.0 % reduction (P Mode) 15.0 % reduction (E Mode) Earthwork amount maximum 5.0 % UP (P Mode) * ed with the GD705A-4. Fuel consumption varies depending on Compar. 685B MOTOR GRADER 685B MOTOR GRADER FM-1 This manual should be used with all related supplemental books, engine and transmission manuals, and parts books. Related Service Bulletins should be reviewed to provide information regarding some of the recent changes. If any questions arise concerning this publication or others, contact your loca

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  1. SEBP4985-04 June 2013. Parts Manual 120K Motor Grader S ZN 1-U p (Mac h ine ) K HX 1-U p (E n g ine ) CK 41 -U p (Tra n s mis s ion ) DMJ 1-Up (Tran s miss ion) J S E 1 -Up (Tra ns mis s io n
  2. Net Engine Power: 118-157 kW (158-210 hp) Net Peak Torque: 1124 Nm (829 lb.-ft.) Blade Pull: 12 800 kg (28,220 lb.) Net Torque Rise: 77
  3. Illustrated Factory Service Repair Technical Manual for John Deere HFWD / Motor Graders Models 670B, 672B, 770B, 770BH 772B, 772BH This manual contains high quality images, instructions to help you to troubleshoot, and repair your truck. This document is printable, without restrictions, contains searchable text, bookmarks, crosslinks for easy navigation
  4. New Holland F106.8 / F106.8A / F156.8 / F156.8A Motor Grader service repair manual has easy to read text sections with top quality diagrams and instructions, will guide you through fundamentals of maintaining and repairing, step-by-step, to teach you what the factory trained technicians already know by heart

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Diesel No. 12 Motor Grader Serial Numbers- 9K1 thru 9K9999 7T1 thru 7T3099 Engine Power Transmissions Power Controls Steering Attachments Form 30672- 11/52- Printed in U.S.A. 80 Pages Used in Good Condition with greasy finger prints and taped at botton of cover Contains many Diagrams& Picture Manual: 8400 Electrical Troubleshooting for Champion 700 Series Motor Graders; Manual: Champion 730A III Motor Grader - Controls, Instruments & Indicators; Manual: Maintenance & Lubrication for Champion 710 - 780A Motor Graders; Parts Book for Volvo SD100D C Vibratory Compactor - Systems & Component Caterpillar 14G Motor Grader Serial number 96U08940 5mw00271 WORKSHOP SERVICE REPAIR MANUAL DOWNLOAD CatERPILLAR (Cat) 23B-33-11114 Operator MANUAL DOWNLOAD Caterpillar 216 226 228 Repair Manual Serial No :- 4NZ, 5FZ, 6BZ 3034 Engine (Skid Steer Loader) DOWNLOA Motor graders are classified depending on the arrangement of their frame. There are two types of categories graders can fall under: Rigid frame motor grader and Articulated frame motor grader. Rigid frame motor grader has only one axle. Axle is unable to turn left or right about a point. An articulated vehicle is a vehicle which has a permanent.

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  1. It's a complete machine control package for dozers and motor graders; a package with an easy-to-learn, easy-to-use operator interface. You get increased accuracy and reliability for higher productivity and less waste. System 5 is also fully compatible with Topcon 3D machine control systems
  2. Equipped with a Cat® C7 engine, direct-drive powershift transmission, and load-sensing hydraulics solutions, the 140K motor grader takes on your grading work with power, control, comfort and productivity. Maximize Performance. Power Shift Countershaft Transmission matched to engine maximizes power to the ground
  3. Factory air conditioner. Float control valves, (3) Floodlights, (2) F & (2) R. Mirrors, rearview - external, (2) Moldboard - 12′ wide. Moldboard pitch, hydraulic. Radio group. Rear ripper - 75″ wide, 3 shanks. Scarifier - 41″ wide, 9 teeth
  4. Motor grader is one of the pieces of construction machinery that is used to create a well smooth, wide-ranging, and level surface. Most commonly motor graders are used for the maintenance of road. It spread the soil and then flattens that soil. Before the pavement of asphalt layer motor graders are used for uniformly flat surface so that.
  6. Start the road grader. Test the brakes, transmission, clutch and controls. Ensure that you keep the road grader in the proper gear for working conditions and do not allow the grader to move too fast for the conditions. Keeping control of the grader during the entire operation is key for job quality and overall safety. Learn to use your controls
  7. The M Series Motor Grader has become the industry standard in operational efficiency and overall productivity. From building roads to maintaining them, M Series Motor Graders are designed to help you get more work done in less time. Unprecedented operator comfort and ease of service help to maximize your return on investment
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The grader operator is generally the most experienced and skilled operator on the jobsite. The unique features on Komatsu motor graders do three things; First, they make the good operator better with precise, excavator style hydraulics and no worries about ever causing the engine to stall; Second, the unique dual mode transmission makes it much easier for inexperienced operators to improve. LeeBoy 695B Motor Grader Manual. Download. LeeBoy 700 Asphalt Paver Manual. Download. LeeBoy 700-800-900-1000 Asphalt Paver Manual. Download. LeeBoy 7000 Asphalt Paver Manual. Download Motor Graders Sort by Operating Weight: ascending Operating Weight: descending Komatsu's new graders combine the popular characteristics of previous series with a EU Stage IV engine and other features that focus on high performance and fuel efficiency, operator comfort, safety and easy serviceability Complete Patent Searching Database and Patent Data Analytics Services

Grade Control System for Motor Graders Transforming the way the world works. Trimble Earthworks: Motor Grader Configuration For excavators, dozers, and motor graders. ONE and DONE Leave a finished grade the first time, every time. Ask for the next generation of machine control on the left-hand end of the control manifold, with oil at operating temperature, set engine at high idle. Bottom (deadhead) leaning wheel control in either direction and record pressure. NOTE: On 503-A & L grader, disconnect hose on the piston rod side of the leaning wheel cylinder. Adapt a reliable 1500 PSI gage to this hose. Lean wheel to the.

Available as pdf in Print Shop Motor grader basics -- Instpections and preventive maintenance -- Operating information -- Blade patching -- References -- List of figures and tables The purpose of this manual is to assist beginning and experienced operators in operation, safety, and maintenance of the motor grader. This manual provides a. TM 5-3805-261-10 OPERATOR'S MANUAL GRADER, HEAVY, ROAD, MOTORIZED, CATERPILLAR MODEL 130G (NSN 3805-01-150-4795) This copy is a reprint which includes curren Ocular Motor Control This refers to the ability of the eyes to work together to follow and hold an object in the line of vision as needed. 1. Use a flashlight against the ceiling. Have the child lie on his or her back or tummy and visually follow the moving light from left to right, top to bottom, an motor graders 3 excavators 4 backhoe loaders 5 skidders 6 pipelayers 7 wheel tractor-scrapers 8 construction & mining trucks/tractors 9 articulated trucks 10 wheel tractors c soil/landfill compactors 11 wheel loaders 12 track loaders 13 integrated toolcarriers 14 telescopic handlers 15 paving products 16 elphinstone underground mining machines 1

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M Series 3 Motor Graders meet U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final/ EU Stage IV emission standards. Machine Controls Simple, intuitive joystick controls replace levers, so hand and arm movement is reduced by 78%, helping reduce operator fatigue for better productivity. Control pods can be adjusted electronically, making it easy to set your idea of motor control Industrial & Power conversion Training. Agenda 1 Basic principle 3 Three-phase brushless DC motor 2 Brush DC motor 4 Bipolar stepper motor 2. Basic principle. An electric motor is a device converting electrical energy into mechanical energy (generally a torque) VOLVO G740 Motor Grader Spare parts catalog. Service manual. 1000904. G780. VOLVO G780 Motor Grader Spare parts catalog. 1000905. G710B. VOLVO G710B Motor Grader Spare parts catalog. Service manual M-100 100-B & 100-C Motor Grader Clutch & Clutch Brake: M100 100-B 100-C 150-C & 200-C Motor Graders Rear Wheels & Brakes: M100B Motor Grader: 100-C 150-C & 200-C Motor Graders Power Control Box Vertical Drive & Power Take Off: 100-C 150-C 200-C Motor Grader Hydraulic Systems: 100-C 150-C & 200-C Motor Graders Front Wheels Axle & Wheel Lea

Motor grader Caterpillar 12H ES Operation and maintenance manual. CAT19-018. 12H ES. Motor grader Caterpillar 12H ES Service manual. CAT19-019. 12H NA. Motor grader Caterpillar 12H NA Spare parts catalog. CAT19-020 The Center for Disease Control and Prevention awarded Caterpillar Inc. a contract to obtain diagrams of the blind areas around 24 different vehicles or machines that are used in the construction industry (Contract Award 200-2002-00563). A contract modification was awarded to extend the data to fourteen more machines pdf download john deere 770A 770AH 772A 772AH MOTOR GRADER REPAIR SERVICE TECHNICAL MANUAL TM1361 pdf download john deere 302A BACKHOE LOADER SERVICE TECHNICAL MANUAL TM1090 pdf download john.

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12 Motor Grader Start: 12F Motor Grader Direct Drive: 12G Motor Grader: 12 14 & 140G Motor Graders: 14 Motor Grader 35F1 to 35F1264: 14 Motor Grader 35: 141 143 161 181 & 191 Hydraulic Controls: 141 143 151 161 Hydraulic Control: 15 Crawler: 15: 16G Motor Grader: No30 Cable Control Front Single Drum: 46 Hydraulic Control: 46 Hydraulic Control. senr6934 16h motor grader (na version) electrical 16h 6zj senr6984 120h (es version) motor graders electrical system 120h 6nm senr6985 12h, 140h and 160h motor graders (es version) electrical 12h, 140h and 160h 8km,6wm,2lr senr6986 120h and 135h motor graders (standard) version electrical 120h and 135h 5fm 6tm,7mm,8w Last of the No.12 motor graders to feature direct mechanical operating controls (wrist breakers), the 12E was the epitome of a simple, well designed and easily maintained motor grader and operators and owners alike loved them. Another rework was made to the basic No.12 grader in 1965 resulting in the No.12F

Today's Motor Graders are equipped to complete a myriad of tasks; however, the majority of operators (even those experienced) are unprepared to utilize the full range of this machine's potential without advanced training. It is crucial to properly train all operators, right from the beginning if possible, in order to effectively use the. 29 Computerized Profiler Control 30 Caterpillar Monitoring System 31 Electronic Scraper Transmission Control 33 Engine Control #2 34 Engine Control #3 35 Engine Control #4 36 Engine Control #1 37 Engine Control #5 38 Engine Control #6 39 Machine Control Module 40 Engine Control #7 41 Engine Control #8 42 Engine Control #9 43 Engine Control #1 A single lever controls direction, speed and parking brake. Low Effort Inching Pedal gives the operator precise control of machine movement. This is especially important for operators who have previous experience with operating a manual mode motor grader. Electronic Overspeed Protection helps prevent engine and transmission damage fro