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Operational Tactics, a non-profit organization, is dedicated to the educational needs of law enforcement and military agencies around the world. We specialize in the fields of police sniper training, swat operations, tactical team policy and training, and publications Company. Snipercraft, Inc. 6232 Apple Road. Sebring, FL 33875. 863-385-7835. Our Philosophy. Snipercraft is dedicated to providing high quality, low cost, real world training to police snipers, designed and taught by men who are intimately familiar with doing the job Sniper I Category: Tactical Firearms : 5 This course is designed for law enforcement personnel who are responsible for deploying in the capacity as a SWAT Team Leader or as a supervisor who is responsible for the training and deployment of tactical teams. The focus of this training will be on pre-incident training, planning, organizing, and. 16 Police Sniper Team Leader- Prince George's County, MD- FULL/ WAIT LIST 3 DAY COURSE- $900 Law Enforcement Courses: LE Sniper Courses. 20 sep. All Day. 24 *FULL* Entry Team Concepts- CLOSED-PA 4 Day Course- CLOSED COURSE Law Enforcement Courses: LE Close Quarter Courses, LE Specialty Courses Tuition: $ 625.00. CLICK THE DESIRED DATE TO ENROLL. This 40 hour Missouri POST certified course teaches basic Marksman/Observer (Sniper) skills. This course is designed to teach new snipers to deploy with the basic knowledge to perform the duties of a police sniper. A wide range of shooting drills will be introduced that can be taken back to.

Students will learn comprehensive skills, techniques and training methodologies as it applies to the Law Enforcement Patrol Rifle. At the end of the course, Students will be able to identify and transfer pertinent learning objectives, develop reality-based curriculums, diagnose problem shooters, and articulate the role of LE use of patrol rifles This course is currently only available as a Mobile Training Team Option, as our instructors volunteer their time teaching Basic Sniper Schools for the local Associations- the Arizona Tactical Officers Association & the Texas Tactical Police Officers Association. Please see their websites for more information

Sniper Certification Program. The position of the police sniper is one of the most important and most difficult in law enforcement. It encompasses high expectations, high liability, and immense individual responsibility. Such a position should require the very highest in standards for selection, training and utilization The 4-day Law Enforcement Sniper training course is designed to train specially selected individuals. They are from various law enforcement agencies to properly utilize high-powered precision rifles. Participants will be trained in the areas of tactical precision shooting and observation skills Sniper I is a basic class designed for new precision rifle shooters and for those who have not had any formal training. We cover all the basics of the Sniper rifle including the use of optics, ranging, estimation of wind and distance and equipment selection SWAT OPERATOR I, 22-27 August 2021, Juneau, Alaska Closed Course Level I Basic Sniper, 13-17 September 2021, Gunnison, Utah Level II Advanced Sniper, 20-24 September 2021, Price, Utah Level II Advanced Sniper, 11-15 October 2021, Johnson City, TN Course Full - accepting standby registrations Level III Sniper - Leadership, Training and Utilization of SWAT Snipers, 18 - 20 October, Blountville. A day of sniper training can have a round count barely reaching double digits, where every shot is an opportunity to learn and gain valuable information Police1 is revolutionizing the way the law enforcement community finds relevant news, identifies important training information, interacts online and researches product purchases and.

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The Basic Law Enforcement Sniper Course is designed to take a screened and qualified sniper candidate without any prior precision rifle knowledge and turn them into a basically trained law enforcement sniper who possesses all the skills necessary to properly employ themselves in a wide variety of circumstances Law Enforcement Sniper. Asymmetric Solutions offers a 5-day, 60-hour POST certified Law Enforcement Sniper course designed to provide students with the educational and practical foundation required to operate as a Law Enforcement Sniper. The focus of this course is on operational tactics such as field-craft, observation, reporting, range. Police Sniper Instructor School: 5 days - 40 hours, $899.00. This school teaches the instructor candidate methods of how to conduct law enforcement relevant training for the snipers in their organization. The focus of this school is on instructor development, training organization and execution, liability reduction, operational tactics, and. Knowing the importance of this information, and the training and deployment issues it will raise, ASA decided to embark on a major project. We currently have a team of volunteers contacting every law enforcement agency in America to find out if they have a sniper element Sharpen Your Skills. Set in the picturesque Sonoran Desert region of Maricopa County, Arizona, GPS Defense Sniper School has been the sniper school of choice for elite military units from all branches of the Armed Services, Tier 1 law enforcement agencies from around the country, and nationally ranked civilian precision rifle competitors since the school was established in 1998

TRAINING DIVISION. ADDRESS 10581 Mendota Rd. Canadian, TX 79014. PHONE 806-323-9195. ACTIVE MILITARY E-MAIL todd@accuracy1st.com. CIVILIAN E-MAIL shannon@accuracy1st.com. LAW ENFORCEMENT E-MAIL colby@accuracy1st.co In the survey, which was conducted from January 2002 until December 2004, more than 897 law enforcement agencies that field tactical teams were contacted by ASA personnel. The data yielded information on 219 sniper engagements over a period of 20 years is a series of police sniper and general topic Law Enforcement schools held annually in the Rocky Mountain west for Law Enforcement and military personnel. Sniper courses from basic to instructor level are offered. Sniper related courses are rigorous, physically demanding schools. They are NOT the typical 8-5 type courses The Law Enforcement Extension Program offers classes to area law enforcement officers. These classes provide re-certification for current skills and opportunities to enhance an officer's skills in new areas. The program offers many specialized classes based upon requests and the needs of the law enforcement agencies we serve LET574 | Basic Sniper uses practical exercises to provide law enforcement designated marksmen the knowledge, skills, and abilities to effectively engage threat targets in response to an active shooter, hostage rescue or barricaded shooter situations.This course meets Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE) requirements SWAT Sniper Training Course #3324

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88 Tactical Group is an elite training organization providing a vast array of tactical curriculum, instruction and legal certification to civilians, law enforcement and military personnel. 88 Tactical's instructor cadre represents some of the most well credentialed LE/Mil/civilian trainers available in the US Providing Law Enforcement and Security Agencies the tools and techniques to optimally perform and prevail in high-risk, kinetic environments through authentic and dynamic training since 1993. We are committed to offering the best in law enforcement training available. Our instructors consist of active and former police officers who are highly. Training Announcement The Alabama Impaired Driving Enforcement Program will be conducting training on Recognizing Cannabis Impairment TRAINING DATES: July 15th, 2021 TRAINING TIMES: 1300hrs - 1700hrs TRAINING SITE: Law Enforcement Academy Tuscaloosa This class is designed to teach officers about cannabis impairment-related driving cues

POST Training Law enforcement professionals play an important role in maintaining the security that is so essential to our society; and, effective training is crutial to their success. The Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training is dedicated to Nevada's peace officers supporting the need for training to ensure that the State of. Sniper School This 5 day 50 hour class is designed specifically for the Law Enforcement and Military operator that will be deployed as snipers. This class is a basic to intermediate level class and will cover topics from rifle set up to hide construction to stalking Ohio Valley Tactical has been providing training since 1993 to civilians, Law Enforcement, SWAT, and Special Operations Teams. I have trained US Marshalls, Law Enforcement officers, US and foreign Military in all firearms disciplines, and active shooter training. Originally added as an enhancement to sniper training, the rappelling tower has. Our 2 Day TacMed class is one of the best tactical training courses available to civilians, military and law enforcement. Day 1 takes place on the range testing your proficiency with your AR15 or AK47 weapon system. Range day includes speed drills, multiple target engagement, moving and shooting, malfunction drills and more

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Middle Eastern Law Enforcement Training Center provides training to Dubai National Police and other officers in the region through a partnership between the government of Dubai and the FBI Creative, Adaptive, EffectiveProfessional Tactical Training. Our mission is to provide the most practical and effective training based on real world experience in the law enforcement, military and civilian world. Our Instructors View All Courses Consulting K&M utilizes combat proven and competitively accomplished cadre. The diversification of our instructors provides a broad perspective and the best talent available from Special Operations, Law Enforcement, Military Sniper Instructors and the highest ranked Civilian PRS Competitors The mission of the National Tactical Officers Association is to enhance the performance and professional status of law enforcement personnel by providing a credible and proven training resource as well as a forum for the development of tactics and information exchange

Cost. The cost for in-service training courses is FREE for sworn law enforcement officers affiliated with a North Carolina Agency, otherwise, you will be required to pay the designated registration fee. If you have questions, please contact Mark Sullivan, Department Chair of Criminal Justice Programs by phone at (919) 464-2362 or by email at. The Law Enforcement Designated Marksman is not a SWAT Sniper, but rather a rapid deployment LEO with an enhanced weapon system and tactical training for short to intermediate range engagement The law enforcement choice for police sniper training. Training Calendar; About Us; Contact Us *2021 UPDATE* SNIPERS TRAINING SNIPERS Snipercraft Northwest is comprised of active police snipers whose primary mission is to help snipers be recognized and respected as the elite professionals they are through training and education

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Training Calendar of Specialized Courses for Law Enforcement. To reserve a course: Click the Reserve Seat link and complete the online form. NOTE: All classes are 8am-5pm unless otherwise noted. Guilford Technical Community College has established itself as one of the most diverse training facilities in North Carolina Xtreme Measures Training Group is located east of Dallas, Texas in Scurry. We provide training to Law Enforcement, Military, and Security personnel as well as to responsible citizens. Xtreme Measures Training Group was founded by James Ferguson. James served in the United States Marine Corps and United States Marine Corps Reserve after. Military & Law Enforcement Training: Tailored and Specialised training available to Military and Law Enforcement. Police sniper training. This module is designed for police snipers. The module is designed as short trainings and courses with duration of 1 to 2 days, focusing on individual topics such as: - Urban shooting - Shooting longer. A brotherhood of men and women risk their lives doing what many of us can't and don't want to do.Deputy Brian Sain is at the Jefferson County Sheriff's firin.. The basic sniper course is designed for new or inexperienced snipers with the primary focus being the training and operation of a police sniper in an urban environment. The course begins with classroom topics covering the role of the sniper on a SWAT team, ballistics and use of force considerations. Instructors ensure proper fit of the rifle to.

basic sniper observer course The course is complete in content regarding rifle marksmanship and the tactical application of police sniper observer teams. The course will cover deployment of the Precision rifle, legal issues, weapons maintenance, shooting known and unknown distance targets, ranging, camouflage, cover and concealment and many. We offer training classes, seminars, and other valuable resources to all members. The purpose of the MTOA is to facilitate the exchange of information related to tactical police operations, training, and equipment; to foster friendship and cooperation among personnel form different law enforcement agencies; and to lend assistance and support in.

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A day of sniper training can have a round count barely reaching double digits, where every shot is an opportunity to learn and gain valuable information The PoliceOne Academy features courses on firearms training, tactics and handling, as well as defensive tactics, subject control and de-escalation for law enforcement officers This course is intended for senior sniper personnel who train new snipers. Instruction will include both classroom and range time. Upon completion, students will be able to create, develop, and implement sniper training programs that meet all the current law enforcement standards

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  1. CLEST Director. DPS Secretary Jami Cook. Jami Cook was appointed as the Director of the. Commission on Law Enforcement Standards and. Training on January 14, 2015, by. Governor Asa Hutchinson. GET TO KNOW DIRECTOR JAMI COOK
  2. Basic Police Sniper 5 Days REGISTER. $350/Student. This intense course is designed to meet the training needs of the special operations sniper. Students must also pass a written test to become certified as a Law Enforcement Sniper. This course will cover psychological and physical requirements of the sniper
  3. PRW Cold Weather Sniper Ops-- This advanced sniper course is designed for experienced law enforcement snipers to practice their skills in a cold weather environment. The course will include lecture, range, and fieldcraft exercises
  4. The Government Training Institute (GTI) was founded in 2003 to address needs of state and local law enforcement agencies throughout the United States with research based training. GTI's multiple courses contain a cooperative curriculum base and ongoing research from a staff with extensive operational military and law enforcement experience
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LAW ENFORCEMENT. Preparation is the key to survival in the moments when your life is on the line. Oak Grove specializes in the design and development of effective tactical training for law enforcement and first responders. Our goal is to create unique, true-to-life training experiences using realism to enhance the learning objectives so that. In the summer of 2000, he established Police Training Consultants, LLC. Police Training Consultants, LLC (PTC) is a firearms and tactical training/consulting company dedicated to officer safety by providing fundamental and practical training to officers in law enforcement and the military. Mr Urban Operations for the Law Enforcement / Police Sniper Class. The basic sniper course is designed for new or entry level law enforcement/police snipers and explains the difference between the military and police sniper, with the primary focus being the training and operation of a police sniper in an urban environment. The course begins with classroom topics covering the role of the sniper on. National Academy. The FBI National Academy is a professional course of study for U.S. and international law enforcement managers nominated by their agency heads because of demonstrated leadership. International Association of Law Enforcement Intelligence Analysts . When: May 3 - May 7, 2021 Where: Las Vegas, Nevada Why Attend: The IALEIA annual training event is designed to help set high standards for professionalism in law enforcement intelligence analysis at the local, state/provincial, national, and international levels and this is perhaps, the best event for those working in the.

Description The Advanced Instruction for Marksmanship (AIM) is designed to meet the need for a higher-level continuing education plan for seasoned firearms instructors. The program focuses on philosophies and techniques for effective coaching of firearms skill. An AIM graduate can expect to improve on problem identification and the ability to implement strategies for enhancing shooting skill. FBI Sniper/Observers are among the most skilled marksmen in any military or law enforcement organization. Not only do FBI Snipers possess the technical skills consistent with the world's most elite long range shooters, but they also must possess situational awareness and adherence to the law that are not found on the battlefield Law Enforcement Agency Carbines. The JP Agency Rifle Program combines our unmatched standards for quality, performance and reliability with the means to provide rifles at scale and with better pricing than ever before. Each model incorporates the same quality fire control, operating system and barrels as our custom builds, all assembled by the same top-notch technicians What Law Enforcement Needs to Know About Criminal Snipers. The horrific events of Las Vegas have sparked discussions about the impact of a criminal sniper and how law enforcement should respond to the next one. Interestingly, the American Sniper Association has been providing information and training on this issue in classes for nearly 20 years.

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  1. 3-Day Law Enforcement Canine TCCC Course - #LEOTCCC-0902. 3-Day First Responder Counter Ambush Training Course - #LEOCAT-0903. 3-Day Tactical Self-Aid for the First Responder Course - #LEOTSA-0904. 3-Day Surviving Close Proximity Weapons Attacks Course - #LEOCPA-0905. 3-Day Law Enforcement Vehicle Operations Course - #LEOVO-0906
  2. istrative Code and may include such topics as annual in-service training for law enforcement officers, firearms training and qualification, legal update, hazardous materials, bloodborne pathogens, juvenile
  3. Police Sniper Training. By Garth Mitchel and Carl Simms. Preparation of a sniper should begin before he responds to a call-out. The decision is made by your command staff to end the hostile situation that started several hours ago and you have been behind your rifle looking through the scope observing, gathering information, and relaying the information back to the command post
  4. sniper training is required. The 3-day advanced sniper training course is designed to take precision shots from unconventional positions utilizing tripods out to 400 yards. The student will learn how to build a stable final firing . position when deploying a tripod, barricade, or unconventional support. Officers will learn the criteria fo


The core sniper school is a five day, 50-hour course that will fulfill the requirements of a basic police sniper school with advanced material to include moving targets and long range shooting exercises. The core school is a prerequisite for our advanced police sniper schools. This course exceeds POST standards for all 50 states Sniper Rifle; Package Deals; Law Enforcement / Military; Specialty Courses; Off Site Training; Sniper and carbine courses. Our Signature Courses 5 DAY ULTIMATE TACTICAL COURSE ALL WOMEN'S HANDGUN 1911 PISTOL COURSES. Law Enforcement and Military Specialized training available. Learn More. All Women's Handgun Come train with the girls.

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Send us a message! Xtreme Measures Training Group. LLC. P.O. Box 205 Scurry, TX 75158. 972-742-5079 Administration and Leadership Academy for Law Enforcement Civilians Oct. 11 - 13. Basic Police Sniper/Observer Course Oct. 18 - 22. Auto Theft Symposium Nov. 1 - 5. Violent Crime Scene Reconstruction Nov. 29 - Dec. 3. Bloodstain Pattern Analysis Workshop Dec. 6 - 1 Mountain States Tactical officers Association - Law Enforcement Training. MSTOA. Mountain States Tactical Officers Association. If you are interested in becoming a vendor or sponsor for this year's conference, please contact Bradley Bragg, bbragg@lccountymt.gov. Fort Harrison Army Air Field, Helena, Montana 59602, United States - Law Enforcement October 18th - 22nd, 2021 ** 12 Slots Only - - - - REGISISTRATION WILL OPEN June 21, 2021 - - - Location: Louisiana State Police - J.E.S.T.C. Zachary, LA LINK TO WEBSITE Email or Call for Course Registration: BASIC SNIPER / F.O.Course Announcement BASIC SNIPER / F.O. Course - Student Inf Military and Law Enforcement. VX is a service-disabled veteran owned company. Its president and lead instructor, Dan Sanderford, is a former Force Recon Marine Scout Sniper who spent many years as an operator throughout multiple deployments to the Middle East before joining the instructor staff at Marine Corps Special Operations Training Group (SOTG)

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Counter Ambush by N&F Training Solutions (Tuesday- Thurday 24hrs) Tactical Command Decision Making by NTOA (Wednesday 8hrs) Law Enforcement Sniper Concepts by Norse Tactical (Wednesday 8hrs) Less Lethal/Chem Munitions Instructor by Safariland (Wednesday 8hrs) Impact Munitions Instructors Course by Safariland (Thursday 8hrs This five-day course for law enforcement personnel provides a solid instructional foundation for individuals with little or no training with a scoped weapon. The course takes into consideration the needs of a law enforcement sniper but is also well suited for any military unit that is looking to increase surgical long-range capabilities

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We insure that ALL of our instructors are of the highest quality, easy to talk with, and that they have a true passion for teaching the art of stalking and fieldcraft to all students. Most of them have military and/or law enforcement training. Sniper Central Instructors. Info: Class Size: 12 Student Whether you're brand new to long-range shooting, want to extend your hunting range, learn fieldcraft skills, or compete in precision rifle matches, we provide practical, hands-on training to help you meet these needs. Crosswind Precision takes the complex and demanding training of a military sni. For law enforcement purposes, sectional rods aren't necessary since you won't normally need to carry a disassembled cleaning rod on the belt of your tactical gear. The reason why I prefer onepiece rods is because the sectional rod carries a risk of abrading the bore from loose or ill fitting joints

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Law Enforcement Officers Killed and Assaulted (LEOKA) Training; Law Enforcement Sniper Course; Laws Governing Concealed Handgun & Use of Deadly Force; North Carolina Tactical Officers Conference & Regional Training; Officer Involved Shootings and Line of Duty Death: Managing the Aftermath; Officer Safety/Readiness Training; Preventing and. The K&M SWAT/SRT/LE Sniper Course is a four day (40 hour) course that combines elements of our Basic, Advanced and Urban curriculum into one class. It is a fast paced course that is designed to train and prepare both novice and seasoned law enforcement snipers. The course begins with firearms safety and rapidly transitions into equipment.

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Law Enforcement | First Responder. At Tomahawk Strategic Solutions, we believe that operators perform at the level to which they have been trained. Our law enforcement training programs combine cutting edge tactics, techniques, and procedures with a unique approach to mindset and awareness. Tomahawk's training substantially improves mission. Law enforcement and military training by experienced professionals. CATT is organized to provide a broad spectrum of professional training and support services specifically structured to meet the operational needs of law enforcement agencies and the duty requirements of field officers and commanders - Candidate MUST have attended and successfully completed a sniper/DDM/sharpshooter program issued by a military, law enforcement, or security (government or commercial) training program. This sniper/DDM/sharpshooter program must be of suitable complexity and quality to adequately prepare the graduate for successful performance as a DDM VX accepts a limited number of additional members each year. Member prospects are assessed and vetted over a four-session Tactical Pistol training course, with each session 3-4 hours. Please scroll down to read more about the prospect assessment and vetting process. VX also provides team training to military units and law enforcement departments

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The five-day Basic Sniper course designed to take an individual with little or no training with a scoped weapon and give them a solid foundation to take back to their department or unit. This course takes into consideration the needs of a Law Enforcement Sniper and is also well suited for any military unit looking to increase their capabilities. A professional sniper needs to accomplish three things to do his job: be predictable, repeatable, and precise! To help achieve that goal, veteran sniping instructor and com- petitive long-range shooter Eduardo Abril de Fontcuberta has collected dozens of exercises from elite military and police sniping programs and organized them into a complete training course. Now, [ Advanced Sniper- October 2021 Examination Of Simultaneous Impressions - May 2021 Developing and Managing a Field Training Program- December 2021 Shooting Incident Reconstruction- May 2022 Social Media & Open Source Investigations - February 2021 Advanced Recon - September 2021 Body Language For Law Enforcement - May 2021 NAFTO Annual Conference- 2021 Crime Scene Photography Essentials. Basic Law Enforcement Training is an accredited program of the North Carolina Criminal Justice Education and Training Standards Commission and the North Carolina Sheriffs' Education and Training Standards Commission. The Academy is a full-time program lasting 20 weeks and consisting of 756 hours of training. Class sessions are held Monday.

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The National Tactical Law Association publishes a set of SWAT standards for law-enforcement agencies to follow, detailing the uses and primary goals of a SWAT team. The standards report states, Resolution of some incidences may require the specific application of various levels of force, up to and including, deadly force Register for training. Learn more about the ILEA. Learn about the Academy's instructors. Know about the Academy's Physical Fitness Standards. Get a Training Provider Application. Order training materials from the ILEA. See the current Basic Class schedule. Find a job in law enforcement Our Facilities. GPS Defense Sniper School is located at the storied and historic Cowtown Range, where some of the country's best military, law enforcement and competition shooters have trained for decades, to include legendary snipers such as U.S. Navy SEAL Chris Kyle, made famous in the 2014 movie American Sniper.. Our terrain, targetry, climate, and anonymity present a sought-after. Law Enforcement / Military. The Items in this category are only available to customers with valid Law Enforcement or Military identification. Some products may exceed typical safety standards for normal airsoft play or may have some sort of special licensing agreement.Sorry everyone, but these are for use as professional training aids only Law Enforcement Seminars LLC will be holding a police training in Fultondale, Alabama - April 12-13, 2021. We hope you can join us for this valuable training. Fultondale, Alabama - April 12-13, 2021 - Law Enforcement Seminar Law Enforcement Training Institute - University of Missouri 2800 Maguire Blvd. Suite E1 Columbia, MO 65201 Contact: Mr. John Worden Phone: (573) 882-6021 Fax: (573) 884-5693 Email: WordenJ@missouri.edu. Drury University Law Enforcement Academy Drury University Law Enforcement Academy 900 N. Benton, Ave. Springfield, MO 6580