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Yamaha F70 fuel consumption. Post Reply . Author. Message Topic Search Topic Options. Post Reply. Create New Topic. Printable Version. Translate Topic. Post Options. Post Reply. Quote Joker. Report Post Likes(0) Quote Reply Topic: Yamaha F70 fuel consumption Posted: 19 Jan 2011 at 11:05am. Joker Yamaha Outboard Fuel Consumption chart : Yamaha 25 hp 2.50 GPH | Yamaha 50 hp 4.90 GPH | Yamaha 70 hp 2-stroke 7.30 GPH | Yamaha 90 hp 9.10 GPH | Yamaha 115 hp 9.70 GPH | Yamaha 150 hp 15.5 GPH | Yamaha 175a hp 16.3 GPH | Yamaha 200 hp VMAX / HPDI 19.2 GPH | Yamaha 225 hp 17.7 GPH | Yamaha 250 hp 23.8 GPH | Yamaha 300 hp 26.0 GPH | Yamaha 350 hp 34.1 GPH | Yamaha 425 XTO 36.8 GPH |Portable.

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* Note on this hull the best fuel efficiency was at 5000rpm. Yamaha F70A specs. PRICE $10,400 long shaft RRP. TYPE Four-cylinder four-stroke 16-valve EFI outboard motor. RATED BHP/MHP* 69/70 at 5800. REC. RPM RANGE 5300 to 6300. DISPLACEMENT 996cc. BORE X STROKE 65 x 75mm. GEAR RATIO 2.33:1. WEIGHT 119kg (dry, long shaft); 121kg (dry, extra-long shaft). OEDA stars 3 * Brake horsepower/Metric. Yamaha Digital Network Gauges. The 70hp is compatible with Yamaha's Digital Network Gauges, giving you the information needed to maximise engine performance and efficiency, including: a Multifunction Tachometer with RPM, Hours Run, Trim Angle, Oil Pressure, Warning lamps and Variable RPM control; and a Speed/Fuel Management Gauge with Speed, Tank Capacity and Fuel Economy Featuring the lightest weight and highest horsepower-per-liter-of-displacement in the 70hp class, the Yamaha F70. takes advantage of the leading edge of technology while maintaining the fuel-effi cient, smooth, and quiet operation. Yamaha four strokes are known for. And it has benefi ts like Yamaha's available Multifunction Tiller Handle or our

5.3 L - 325 cid. 129 LPH. Yamaha XTO 425 HP. 4 stroke. 5.6 L - 339 cid. 140 LPH. -. Portable Yamaha Outboard fuel consumption chart F 4 - 5 - 6 - 8 - 9.9 - 15 - 20 hp. Factors such as propeller pitch, weigth, hull / water conditions, etc. may affect the consumption figures The new F70 4-stroke has a redline of 6300 RPM, making 70 HP at 5800 RPM. So that difference means that folks contemplating replacing their Yamaha 70 2-stroke with this new F70, they will probably have to reduce the propeller pitch by 1 to 2 inches for the same boat application. 17 bodega: posted 12-04-2009 11:27 PM ET (US I know someone with a F70 on the same boat as mine and he is really happy with it. Original had a 90hp 2stroke Mercury on the boat. The Yam is slower but the fuel economy is much better. Cruise speed of 45 - 50 km is reached at 4500 - 5000 rpms. I don't know much about modern 4 strokes but I'm concerned that this is working the engine hard

Fuel consumption here was just over 8L/h, which is a comfortable six hours running at moderate speeds. If you want to push it a little to 4500rpm fuel consumption is only 15L/h at 46km/h This is what I find: filter S3213 and Bowl RK30475, but you retain the Yamaha head. Specs for these parts is of 10 micron filtration and flow rate of 60 gph. Yamaha doesn't publish minumum filter flow rate for the F70, but some tests have indicated a fuel consumption rate as low as 6-GPH The Yamaha 70 hp, 60 hp and 50 hp Midrange four strokes are the go-to outboards for family, fishing and fun. Light and powerful, they sport 1-liter displacement, single-overhead-camshaft designs and electronic fuel injection. They deliver quick starts, high performance and incredible efficiency for aluminum fishing boats, pontoons and. The lower gearing and larger prop would provide excellent hole shot and low-end torque, and also hold the bow up with less wetted hull surface, less porpoising, and better fuel economy. The DF60AV weighs in at 251 LBS. Just food for thought. Edit: Found the bulletin. The Yamaha F70 was tested at Air / Water Temperature (Fahrenheit) 73° F / 70°

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The Yamaha F70 utilises an advanced 1.0 litre, sixteen-valve, four-cylinder marine engine, featuring a sophisticated single-overhead camshaft (SOHC), with four-valves per-cylinder valve-train for maximum power and efficiency. Weight is reduced while the intake valve area is increased 17% It filters the gas and allows any water (which is heavier than gas) to safely sink to the bottom of the filter and out of the fuel. Yamaha's spin-on 10-micron filter traps impurities down to 10 microns in size (1/20th of the diameter of a human hair), to keep your fuel clean, and has an extra-large water-retention area

Another type is based on the engine's rpm. I had one of those on my lobster boat with an 8-71 Detroit Diesel in it. It was the same mechanism as a speedometer. It connected to a fitting on the engine which was identical to a speedometer connection on a vehicles transmission. Run the engine for an hour at one thousand rpm, then run it for an. The fuel pump is one part on your outboard, but your boat simply will not run without it. In this video from Boats.net, Garrett takes you through some common.. Twist the throttle on the Yamaha and the Ranger jumps onto the plane and it sounds just like an F-series Yamaha at full throttle. Without fuel flow metering available, the Ranger delivered 51km/h against the tide and 56km/h with it. With standard F70 fuel consumption, that gives a range of well over 200km with the on-board 90L fuel tank

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  1. 996cc 16-Valve SOHC Marine Engine. The Yamaha F70 utilises an advanced 1.0 litre, sixteen-valve, four-cylinder marine engine, featuring a sophisticated single-overhead camshaft (SOHC), with four-valves per-cylinder valve-train for maximum power and efficiency. Weight is reduced while the intake valve area is increased 17%
  2. um fishing boats, pontoons and light fiberglass boats, Speciale says
  3. You can throw a Yamaha F70 fuel injected 4 stroke on your boat and it's 80lbs lighter than the 4 stroke 90hp motor. F70 still has plenty of horse power. Look into it. Yamaha web site. Depending on usage, you won't need to run the 90 hp as hard as a 70 and the difference in gas consumption may turn out to be negligible. If pulling power or.
  4. Watch our Yamaha Outboard Fuel Pump Issues video above — in which we guide you through an outboard's fuel system — to troubleshoot possible issues that may be causing fuel pump problems. NOTE: Although we're using a Yamaha 250HP motor as an example, the fuel system will be very similar on any modern outboard, regardless of brand or model
  5. The F75's lightweight powerhead configuration, refined shaping of the combustion chamber and lean fuel burn technology, means this outboard is extremely fuel efficient, while also delivering an exceptionally smooth and quiet riding experience. This outboard is compatible with Yamaha's comprehensive range of Command Link gauges and NMEA2000.
  6. ants from the fuel before they can reach the outboard's other filters and fuel injectors

It may be that when your Yamaha outboard motor begins to sputter and cough, particularly at high speeds, you think something's obviously wrong with the fuel pump. You can test that theory without taking the fuel pump off your motor and without returning to shore. If you think you have a problem with your. Trade A Boat | New & Used Boats For Sale in Australi Capacities & Specs » Yamaha Maintenance Matters. Select Engine Type XTO Offshore Four-Stroke V-MAX SHO Jet Drive. Select Model. VF250/VF250X VF200/VF225 VF175 VF150/VF150X VF115 F350C F225/F250/F300 F200/F225/F250 F175/F200 F150 F115 F75/F90 F70 F50/F60 F30/F40 F25 F15/F20 F8/F9.9 F4/F6 F2.5 T50/ T60 T25 T9.9 F150 (105) F115 (80) F90 (65.

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What Size Fuel Line To Use For An Outboard, 5/16″ or 3/8″? 5/16″ fuel line can be used in up to a 115 HP outboard engine. Anything above that has to be a 3/8″ fuel line. Here is a more in-depth break down of the differences in the hoses and the biggest reasons why it is important to have the right ones installed Who has the best price on the Yamaha F70 with a Tiller Handle? Also what are y'alls opinions on the F70 Fuel Economy, Reliability Etc? You will be able to put 4 times the hours than these guys are putting on these Briggs engines with far less problems. Fri Nov 29, 2013 3:48 pm Lots of people have asked me about the speed and the fuel economy.. I have used two props. 14 pitch Yamaha and a 15 pitch Power Tek. Yamaha 13 1⁄4 14 Performance 3-Blade MAR-GYT3B-L4-14. John and crew also installed the Yamaha outboard, gauges, pinnacle, key switch , etc.. Over the years John has jumped though hoops, worked late and.

In the spring of 2004 Evinrude introduced the E-TEC fuel injected engine. From a dealer standpoint the engine was instantly the best technology we had ever seen. A computer controlled fuel injection system that delivered amazing fuel efficiency, instant throttle response, smooth quiet performance, and unparalleled hydrocarbon emissions fuel consumption on a yamaha 40hp four stroke Not rated yet I am trying to gauge what roughly the fuel consumption on a 80 hours old, yamaha 40hp four stoke should be in litres per kilometre. Say 2-3 passengers. Yamaha f70 vibratio Symptoms of Leaking Fuel Injectors: Hard Starting when engine is hot. Increased Fuel Consumption. Rough Idle. Fuel odors inside and around the car. Poor Emissions. Oil thinning, which can lead to catastrophic engine failure. Hydro-lock, which can lead to catastrophic engine failure. Before you decide on any plan of action please read this article

2x Fuel Filter For Yamaha F70 F75 F90 T50 T60 6D8-WS24A-00-00 6D8-24563-00-00. £12.75. Free P&P . 2 pcs Gas Fuel Filter Cartridge Element For Outboard Yamaha 6D8-WS24A-00-00. £12.67. Free Economy SpeedPAK from China/Hong Kong/Taiwan | See details . International postage of items may be subject to customs processing and additional charges Fuel Cock Petcock Valve Tap For Yamaha 100 YL2 L2 DT125 DT175 RS100 MX175 HT1. $9.99. $19.99 Economy Shipping Suzuki MOPED F50 F70 Fuel Cock Petcock Assy 44300-19050 GENUINE NEW . $149.99. shipping: + $19.99 shipping . Yamaha DT100 DT125 DT175 DT250 DT400 6V. Horn Assy 437-83371-13 GENUINE NE

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April 12th, 2019 - Yamaha F40 Fuel Injection for the Frugal brucesoil When used in conjunction with Yamaha s mini 10™ fuel filter the F40 gets the same kind of protection Yamaha s larger outboards have Yamaha F 25 50 70 90 115 150 175A 200 225 April 20th, 2019 - Yamaha Outboard Fuel Consumption chart Yamaha 25 hp 2 50 GP 1967 Richard Dunston 44M Tugboat for sale in Genova, Italy. Priced at 2,400,000 EUR Used 2016 Yamaha 40 hp, 4 stroke, remote, 20 shaft, fuel injected, trim & tilt, Model F40LA, 9 hours on motor, fully serviced with 30 day warranty. Controls & rigging not included

The 145' RICHARD DUNSTON 44M TUGBOAT Ariete Primo for sale is bank repossessed and was built in steel in 1967 by the Dunston Shipyard in the United Kingdom. She was converted to a classic explorer yacht in 200 S/S Prop. 15 Spline, 13 Dia x 17 - K2. Couple minor marks but good condition, off a Yamaha F70 $15

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